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can anybody help me with this new problem. I started my first day to-day with Thyro-Gold. Had to stop other med's as they were not helping, so was off all medication for two months waiting for this new one to arrive from USA. I found it quite scary this a.m, as not long after taking new medication I experienced palpitation's which seemed to last for quite some time and felt a little uncomfortable. Is this normal ? haven't had this happen before with any other. Anybody else had this happen. Would appreciate any feed back as a little concerned, and not sure if I should take them again.

Many thanks to you all

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  • Sorry can't really help you with Thyroid Gold and not familiar with what form it is in but it struck me that it might help someone else to comment if you said how much you had actually taken.

  • I started NDT (Thyroid-S) about 6 months ago. I found things a bit rocky to start off with. I had palpitations too and dizzy on exertion but I had read that when you start NDT it can highlight adrenal problems and deficiencies like lack of iron. I bought Nutri- Adrenal extra and this help me. Now I'm feeling great and finally starting to shift the weight too. That's a big plus! I have gone from working part-time to full-time, which could never have done on Levothyroxine. :)

  • I had severe palpitations & hair fall when i started thyroid-s and had to stop . Iam on 50mcg levo and tried 1/2 tablet of thyroid-s 60 per day. What was your levo to thyroid-s conversion.Did Nutri-adrenal extra help for hair growth?.

  • I was on 150 mcg of Levo and now have gradually got to 3 tablets of Thyroid-s. I would say I struggled through a month of feeling crap on NTD until it started to improve for me. I took the Nutri-adrenal incase I had adrenal problem but not sure if I just needed to get my body used to the NDT. I'm not sure about the hair loss thing because I found that I lost hair when I started Levo. It has gradually improved but I don't have a lovely thick head of hair. :(

  • Can't help with thyroid gold but on day 6 of taking thyroid-s and started with half a tablet and will do that for a week or two then really gradually increase until I feel absolutely fabulous - I live in hope! As silver fox said not sure how much you have started taking but the information I have read here suggests slowly, slowly in order to allow your body to get used to it.

    Good to hear it was successful for you mudmeer.

  • Hi all, thank you for answering so quickly. Thyro-Gold comes in capsule form, 150mg . How could I halve this ? Dreading the next dose tomorrow but my levels are so low from not having any for two months. Thyro- Gold is a NDT from a Cow, not Pig. That's all I know about it. I couldn't cope with Pig one it made me so sick.

  • On the Thyro-gold website it says to open the capsule and empty it and take half of the powder.

    What I don't understand is if you were concerned about various binders or fillers in other products, then why are you taking this one when it has powdered plant extracts and whatever else in it?

  • Yes I know but I am desperate, have tried several other's with no response or they have made me to sick. What else can I do but keep trying. Bovine was great, no reactions, but after upping my dose to 5 tabs a day still no response or improvement in my TSH levels.

  • Hi , I missed my capsule to-day because I woke again with nausea, stomach cramps, and back ache. Afraid to take the Thyro- Gold again now as It may be this that has irritated my stomach further. Have been off medication now for 2 month's due to a bad stomach reaction to other Pig NDT that I tried. I think I may have to have the Stomach scan the DR suggested. So fed up with all the scan's and X/ray's. My stomach is so swollen and uncomfortable and not sure what to do next. I may go back to the NDT called Bovine, this was great except it didn't do anything in regard to altering my TSH level's, was on 5 a day for several month's and my TSH was still 10.2 . All my other test's I was told was normal, Ferritin within normal range but with low saturation, whatever that means, B12 normal, Vit D normal . Thank you all so much for your input and help, I really do so appreciate you all. xxxx

  • Ferritin in normal range, eh? I would lay money, from what you say, at it being at the very bottom of the range. This might just be your problem. Intolerance to thyroid medication is caused usually by one (or more) of three things:

    (1) Low ferritin (means your body will have difficulty converting T4 to T3, and will generally make you feel very low, as your immune system will be poor)

    (2) Poor adrenal function (often as a result of being left undermedicated for so long that your adrenals are knackered from the effort of trying to compensate for your poorly functioning thyroid) and

    (3) Intolerance to the fillers in the pills you take.

    Do you know what your ferritin result actually was?

    And also, B12 and Vit D? What were the actual results? Normal does not mean optimal, and if any of these are low in range you'll find it hard to make good use of thyroid medication.

  • Hi Jazzw they didn't give me the readings. They just said that a low saturation was normal for some people. I did ask what this meant but didn't get a specific answer. Will look for some old test result's. I am taking nothing again at present as I am so sick in the stomach, have been for 9 day's. Stomach cramping nausea, and severe back ache. Sounds like irritable bowel ?? will get stomach scan as they have suggested.

  • Hi It is important to start again on a very low dose. I cannot take any artificial thyroxine, even a low dose, because of the way it affects my heart.


  • Hi Jackie, how awful. This is the first time it has happened to me and hope it doesn't continue.

  • Hi If it does change to nature Thiroid etc.


  • Same, I felt full.of energy on 125, but the palpertations.were sp scary,.im now on leveroxin100 mcg and 75mcg n alternate days which has slowed the heart rate, bit weight going up again . Wish I knew what do , docs don't listen to.what I'm saying, only on what they see in ye t3 n t4. I have loads of allergies and since taking a lower dose.thats all I do is scratch.

  • Hi Weight is usually low FT3? Do you need it as well?


  • Hi Recovered7, sorry to read you had a scary experience. I'm not sure of the strength of Thyrogold and I'm on a train with dodgy internet strength, so can't look it up. But if you wanted to reduce your dose, so you can build up slowly, there's no reason why you couldn't open the capsule - I assume there's powder or liquid inside? - and take just half of it, maybe in some water.

    Hope you feel better soon x

  • Hi Jazzw,

    have decided to do this after reading other replies. Its powder form so it should be easy enough. Hope you have a pleasant trip home on the train. Thank you x

  • Just been able to Google it:

    If you scroll down, you'll see that Dr Lowe suggests opening up the capsule too. :)

  • Jazzw, I love you, thank you so much. Now I feel confident taking it again tomorrow. XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • What dose have you started on? Sometimes because we get direct T3 it can cause palpitations but they usually settle down.

  • Hi you need to be checked out.

    Ok palpitations , this is when you heart is going fast very fast, it may make you a bit breathless. I am not a dr but in my case this is when you take too much Thyroxine or too much of something else. I get it when I take too much t4 or T3 and calcium especially at night. The regime I am on at the moment I take 1 grain and 50MCR of NHS T4 and I get a fast her beat for around 10 mins after I have taken the dose.

    There is something called Atrial ectopic beats. This is where your heart misses a beat and catches up so you feel like you get a normal beat then a thud, this too can cause light headiness and shortness of breath this can be caused by too little thyroxine and these sometimes occur when the hear rate slows down. If untreated this may lead to Afib, a rather nasty irregular heart beat. Both may feel the same but somebody like me who has had heart problems knows the difference. If you feel you pulse and it going really fast and your sitting down, i.e. 90 to 100+ then this is likely to be palpitations. If at rest and your BPM are slow and you feel your pulse and if feels like your heart is missing a beat then this could be Atrial ectopics. My advice would be see a Dr and get your TSH tested and see how far you are off the scale.


    John C

  • URGENT. I am from USA and need to explain to you all about this product. Our govt doesn't monitor Thyro-Gold. It is a supplement with a diet pill inside called coleus Forskilli. Anyway, they don't say how many mg of t3 or t4 or t1 or t2 they provide. In one word DANGER. If the item is not FDA approved, don't buy. I personally take ARMOUR which is also from desicatted pig thyroid. It comes in mg dosing and the doctor tells us how much to take. See a doctor in USA to legally get this prescribed. The type of doctor in USA is integrated yet medical health doctor that will prescribe this. In NYC I see Dr Feldman . Please don't play with your health. Synthroid use to give me palpitations and I switched to ARMOUR with great success.

    Best of luck. Margo PS- Palpitations can be due to other vitamin deficiencies. In USA they take full history to see what can cause them. Mine were solely from medication.

  • On another note, they told me to take the desicated pig but only 1/4 tablet one week, 1/2 tablet next week , full tablet 3rd week. I had no trouble when I went slow. can't say the same about synthroid.

  • sorry to hear that you have been experiencing these unpleasant symptoms.

    When I took my first dose of 50mcg Levothyroxin within an hour or so of taking it I had palpitations dizziness and severe anxiety .I thought I was going to explode. The Doctor told me that it was impossible for it to have been the Levo acting so quickly but there was nothing else that could have caused it at the time. I am now on 125mcg

    Like other posters I have since experienced several periods of palpitations since with some accompanying anxiety attacks and I just reduce my Levo the following day and generally I'm fine for while.

    I think that it is important for us all to remember that our metabolism is constantly adapting and optimising our metabolism moment by moment and the levels of T4,T3, and all the other hormones and enzymes produced by our bodies are in a constant state of flux so its to be expected that occasionally we should go Hyperthyroid for a short period

    I hope that reducing your dose and ramping the dose up gradually will make you feel a lot better

  • Just wanted to reply to johnnyxs about how the doctors say it isn't possible that the thyroxine would have caused palpations within an hour.

    rubbish, and bar humbug to that!!

    I get palpitations within 20minsof taking thyroxine, and I have been told that is because I have a sensitivity to thyroxine., and most people who have thyroid problems, do have a sensitivity to the thyroxine.

    after all, it is a hormone, and when we deal with hormones we are all different in what dosages we need.

    Sadly not many doctors will know this, as they only do a days course in training , on the thyroid, that is why we should always ask to see a specialist.

    I have been to hell and back, over the past 12yrs with my thyroid problem and it all started after I was given radioactive iodine.

    That increases a person sensitivity to the medication,. and leaves you battling for the rest of your life, and if you get your brand changed on you, you have to start all over again to get your body to adjust.

    doctors really don't know what is going on with so many getting sick.

    Basically we have been reacting like this for decades, and only since the internet, do we hear about it all.

    From my experience and research with hundreds of patients, pharmacists and doctors, we see now that people are taking too much medication and that is making them sick.

    Doctors are pushing patients dosages up to bring down the TSH, when they should be following the T4.

    Get the T4 in normal range, and the tsh will eventually lower itself.

    By keeping on pushing up the dosage to get the tsh to come down, is just punishing ourselves with iodine the body can't handle in high dosages.


    Until people listen, they will not get better.

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