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I feel fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

I have no clue as to why I feel normal, I have not fallen asleep during the day for three days, this is in complete contrast to the last few years, my mind is clear and I feel alive!

As I said I have felt like a zombie for years and progressively worse and worse my Levo is up to 175mgs but has been this for about 7 months and that was only an increase of 25mgs .

Today I have clipped and washed the dog, wrapped all the xmas presents, been the the post office and walked the dogs! Usually I am slumped like a drugged out zombie till 11 am then am foggy headed to the point of dazed till lunchtime ish and then start to improve till I felt able to do anything about 1pm.

Any ideas anyone is this a phase or am I somehow cured?

I wanted to get my T3 tested but have not had the ability to sort out the test, I was convinced that I had some reason I felt so bad on a highish dose of Levo.

Thank you for reading and any answers in advance :)


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Have you been supplementing? B12, iron, Vit D?

So much hope it continues. I love it when I read good news stories!


Maybe you are converting levo better, i.e. into sufficient T3 to make you feel so well.

A recommendation is that Vitamin C helps with the conversion.

Long may it continue but I am fortunate too, that I feel normal health and energy. I am on T3 only but I also felt good on Nature Throid. Thousands who are on levo feel fine and don't even have to think about it. Others, on levo are the opposite, don't have internet connection and just have a life of ill-health without being able to ask questions on this forum and have no way of finding out that there can be a way forward. Of course you need a decent and helpful doctor.


It actually took about 14 weeks before a 25 mcg increase in levo seemed to kick in. I stopped falling asleep in the afternoons and my hair stopped shedding.


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