Clutter,Shaws,And a few others

How do you find the time to answer so many? Some queries that could do with support seem to be missed ,is this just oversight? Cannot pretend I know enough to answer .

It must be tedious repeating some things.

Anyway you are all much appreciated for your perseverance.

By the way, what's an Administator do and how selected? I am not offering just curious.

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  • Thanks Treepie.

    I use the drop down box and select 'Unanswered' but if the post asks questions I can't answer I leave it in the hope another member will be able to. Sometimes I will try to elicit further information from the poster in the hope another member will be able to help but if no one answers I think it's fair to assume members don't know the answer rather than oversight or lack of support.

    I tend to cut & paste some responses and links to frequently asked questions.

    Admins are invited by TUK. We mostly do 'housekeeping' like deleting duplicate posts and replies, tidy up links that don't work, edit or delete posts which breach guidelines, act on member reports of abuse, and delete spam and ask HU to remove the spammers.

  • I suggest you have a look here:

    Might be two years old but the idea is much the same!

  • I'm with Treepie,on this one, most appreciated and very patient aswell. Merry Chritmas to you all.xxxxx

  • I am a Gemini !

  • Capricorn ! :D

  • I'm Capricorn, too :)

  • I am Gemini ,

  • Perhaps I should have kept quiet, getting like " I am Spartucus"

  • :D

  • No, I'm. Spartacus. :-)

    (Gemini too)

  • Pisces, anyone?

  • I'm Pisces :)

  • Best sign! ;)

  • Perhaps a normal curve reference range for star signs and hypothyroidism!

    More research required.

  • I reckon there'd be more winter babies....

  • Haven't we already had that Survey?

  • seems familiar... but I forget easily

  • Oh, gosh! Me too!!!

  • vous savez

    sorry not familiar...

  • Oh, tu sais, ma chèrie, tu sais! lol

  • seulement un peu..

    joyeux noël x

  • A toi aussi!

    Bisous, Grey

  • Scorpio.......


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