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Thyroid Scan Help Needed

Ok so I had a thyroid scan 2013 after having a thyroid flare and it showed I had a multi nodular thyroid and many cysts/nodules (16 areas in total but on the previuos scan there were only 2 in 2006) and at the same time as my 2013 flare/increased nodules it showed my

TgAb;'s were 610 (ref range 1-20)

Tg were 15.5 should be below <0.1

I was given a diagnosis of Hashimotos (I have had slightly raised Ab's for years and was put on thyroid meds in 2006)

Anyway I have been having terrible thyroid pain and keep going very hyper so knew I was in a flare so have had the antibodies repeated (very high still) and the thyroid scan repeated and my normal ultrasound doctor was off so I had another guy specialising in thyroid. He said that the nodules have not changed, that my thyroid is not inflamed (but i know it is) and that the nodules are not consistant with Hashimotos or graves and that the antibodies are irrelevant.

I am so confused as when my thyroid hurts/inflamed and I go extremely Hyper my antibodies also go up but he is saying its not hashimotos or graves???

I feel like I have razor blades in my thyroid gland, I know my throid or nodules are inflamed but he says its the same as last scan - he was really awkward, nothing like my normal ultrasound doc

I am so confused as I know its my thyroid is flaring but he dismissed that and my Hashimotos diagnosis

any input please

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I have a multi-nodular goiter too. When I told the ENT Dr that I had pains, he said that the thyroid doesn't have any nerves, although pain can come from the surrounding structure ie muscles etc. Also, a thyroid affected by Hashis has a very specific pathology, multi-nodular goiter doesn't = Hashis although I think raised antibodies does.


Thanks but I can say without doubt hashimotos DOES cause pain in thyroid, my nodules are agony. Also my endo emailed me this morning to say (below)- also my endo said in person people sometimes cant swollow, have shooting pains due to the inflammation ( thyroiditis) hoarseness and sore throats. Sometimes the pain can spread (radiate) to the jaw or ears

FROM ENDO - The anti-thyroglobulin antibodies (and/or TPO abs) are diagnostic for Hashimotos--you have it. I don't know of any other conditions that cause high anti-thyroid antibody levels. A Hashimotos' flare can cause the death of many thyroid gland cells and the release of thyroglobulin and of thyroid hormone leading to hyperthyroidism. Hashimoto's can cause neck discomfort, as can other forms of thyroiditis as it inflames the cells of and the thyroid gland.


I forgot to say this is an EXCELLENT document on why Thyroid nodules etc cause pain


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