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Private thyroid tests

Hello, I previously made this post : Taking things into my own hands, I now have some questions I hope someone can answer.

I can't get my new doctor to do anything else apart from tsh and t4. So I've decided to purchase tests from a private lab. I'm thinking of choosing Genova Diagnostics Europe: . Is it worth getting the full thyroid profile? (ie the test that costs 50 pounds more just to get rt3 checked).

Does anyone have any experience with this company? Also what time of day should I do the test at? Are there any other factors at play when getting my blood taken?


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Michael, I'm not sure I'd bother with the rT3 test. Although it's possible to have high rT3 without being on medication it isn't common. rT3 can be difficult to interpret and it's unlikely to mean anything to your GP.

Genova is used by many members and is generally highly regarded. Have your thyroid blood tests as early as possible in the morning when TSH is highest.


I have used them & had no problem. 8 - 9am is a good time.

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