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Aphasia and Hypothyroidism

To add to my previous claim for cholesterol and T3.

"The Osborne lab has already obtained data suggesting that thyroid hormone regulation and cholesterol

metabolism are linked through SREBP-2. The data suggested that in the presence of high T3 levels

(hyperthyroidism), the TR/RXR heterodimer activatesSREBP-2 which in turn results in LDL receptor activation. In the presence of a greater number of LDLR units, more cholesterol is taken up by cells and

therefore serum cholesterol levels decline. However, as mentione d above, this mechanism is only half the



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Interesting grant request from the Univ of Calif Irvine. The file date is 2-12-2014 so I wonder if they completed the study and published results. And why did you stop taking T3 if it was working? PR


And why did you stop taking T3 if it was working? PR.

Being a male I had a prostate problem fixing it was a great release. Became invincible once again and as a thyroid test (including T3!) suggested all was just OK I just cut T3. Should have monitored the outcome!

I'll post on how I'm approaching T3 once bloods are available.



I did read a study somewhere that suggested that too much T3 and insufficient T4 caused aphasia. My cholesterol hasn't really changed in 30 years (only on meds for two).


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