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T3 - suppliers, please

Hello all, I am having problems with my usual T3 suppliers and have only a limited supply to last for the next ten days. Mexico are unable to process my order due to payment problems (paypal), and Cyprus are out of stock at the moment.

Would someone be able to PM me with an alternative supplier as this is now getting to be urgent. In extremis I could get over to France if I could be assured that I would be able to get a few packets of T3. (Paris, where I have bought some over the counter, is a little too expensive.)

Thank you.

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Have sent you a pm x


Jazzw please could you PM same info? Thanks x and which brand you buy? Xx


Hi Penny. Just about to place Order for T3 & you have used Online Pharmacy

called before. I thought this was a non prescription, but just

read that if you don't have prescription you have to fill out a detailed

questionnaire & have an appointment online with one if their doctors ?

As you have used before, could you PM me with what you have to do before

allowed to order T3 please. Appreciated. Thanks


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