Peaks and troughs!

Hi. I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidisum over the last 2 years. Since then my dosage of Levothyroxine has steadily increased to 125 micrograms. On the last increase I felt amazine almost straight away. It was an increase from 100 - 125. However, I started to sweat, I felt very strange about this for a few weeks but then realised I should be sweating, it's hot! It was then too it dawned on me I had not been sweating for years, even when running etc. So I was feeling really good, my mind was clear, very clear... My body seemed to be OK too. But now, three months after the increase I have once again am having days where I feel rubbish. Last week at work I started to talk to someone and my words were a jumble. I felt rough and it took an hour or so to be able to talk and make sense. Is this normal guys?

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  • Welcome to the forum, Always Learning.

    Some people need to increase their dose during the winter and reduce it again in the Summer and it's possible that your thyroid gland is producing less hormone than it used to. Ask for a thyroid blood test to check your levels and see whether you need an increase. Don't take your Levothyroxine until after your blood test or you'll get a false low TSH which will scupper any chance of a dose increase.

  • Thank you Clutter. I have had my test now, guess I should have read this first... Just so you know I take my Levi at night after not eating for 2 hours. I find a real difference if I eat sooner if you see what I mean. I will chat to my GP and let you guys know.

  • It's now time to have another blood test as you may well need another increase. Dont take levo before the blood test, take it afterwards and have the appointment as early as possible.

    Maybe ask the GP to add some T3 to your T4. Also ask if he will test your Free T3 as you may not be converting T4 into sufficient T3.

    Sometimes if you change the make of levothyroxine it may have an adverse affect.

  • Thanks shaws.

  • Hi all, so I've been to the doctor. My readings are all "normal" so I'm being referred to an endocrinologist. I hope this will sort something out as some days I'm just useless!! My biggest concern, apart from the odd day where I find I need to gee myself up every few minutes, is my memory. It sucks... And it inconsistently sucks... Any advice please people?

  • Always_Learning, did you get a printout of your results with the lab ref range? 'Normal' is a broad range and where you are in the range is pertinent.

    I used the phone to schedule appointments and tasks like bill payments and set up reminders to take meds, supplements etc. and ticked them off when done else I wouldn't remember 10mins later whether I'd taken them. Brain fog was quick to clear once I was optimally medicated.

  • Thanks Clutter, I'm looking forward to the fog clearing! With regards to the print out, yes I have every blood test result since I started 18 months ago. I've also been to my Endo who's going to test my Adrenal gland. We'll see what happens next. :-)

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