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Non-Thyroidal Illness in the ICU: A Syndrome with Different Faces

This is available as a free download. PR

This is a short video done by the author of the study.

Conclusions: It is clear that the name ‘‘NTI’’ during critical illness refers to a syndrome with different faces.

Tolerating the early ‘‘fasting response’’ to critical illness and its concomitant changes in thyroid hormone

parameters appears to be wise and beneficial. This thus applies to the NTI present in the majority of the patients treated in intensive care units. However, the NTI that occurs in prolonged critically ill patients appears different with regard to both its causes and consequences. Future studies should specifically target this selected population of prolonged critically ill patients, and, after excluding iatrogic drug interferences, investigate the effect on outcome of treatment with hypothalamic releasing factors in adequately powered randomized controlled trials.

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I have listened to the video and it is really informative if someone is in the ICU and how the thyroid hormones are affected or can be protected.


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shaws, I find her use of TRH interesting. PR

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Often looks as if TRH is the relative no-one mentions. :-)

Although every textbook explains TRH > TSH > thyroid hormone (albeit simplistically), after that introduction TRH is hardly ever mentioned again, anywhere.



Rod, exactly, one wonders why it hasn't been explored more. PR


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