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Antidepressants (Duloxetine) & pregnancy/hypothyroid

My GP has told me to come off duloxetine whilst trying to get pregnant and throughout...... this med has saved me so much this year with anxiety/confidence/palpitations etc plus much much less pain..... I feel so much better on it! it worries me coming off it, they have given me 30mg to wean off then to be on nothing.

Internet sources and others i speak to are very much conflicting opinions whether to continue to the meds during pregnancy. I dont know what to do for the best???


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Cherie, I don't think there is enough research to determine whether or not antidepressants cause foetal damage but there are situations where the mother has to be on antidepressants and it comes down to taking the AD least likely to cause problems at the lowest dose helpful to the mother. If you can't cope without Duloxetine you'll have to discuss with your GP a suitable alternative.


thank you - good advice, will see another gp again - will be interesting to hear other peoples views too, if anyones been in similar situation.

Thanks :O)


I think a good alternative would be the addition of T3 to your T4. T3 is also used by some psychiatrists for depressed patients. It is the natural thyroid hormone we all need, particularly for our brain which contains the most receptor cells for the thyroid hormones.

We couldn't function at all if we didn't have T3, either naturally (if not hypo) or if levo (T4) converts to sufficient for our needs.


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