Why won't gps do any test that we ask for, or send us to the relevant specialists, I have asked and pleaded to be refered to an endo, only been with this gp for one year, have not endo since first diagnosed, I am entitled to a service or I thought I was, it getting so bad with all my different illnesses that I am at the surgery every week, they just don't listen.

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  • Scampi, It can be a disadvantage seeing an endo once or twice a year if your GP refuses to alter your thyroid medication because you are 'under the endo's care'. Most are diabetes specialists anyway and won't do anything more or take any more notice of ongoing symptoms than your GP if your thyroid bloods are within range.

    GPs won't run every test we ask for because they think it's not relevant to your symptoms or, more likely, because tests cost and the practice has to pay the costs.

  • So who do we see clutter,rather than the GP

  • Sue, If you can't persuade your GP to do tests try another GP at the practice or you can order private blood tests via

  • Hi clutter,went to doctors yesterday,she reassured me my bloods were ok,,she said B12 was've seen my recent bloods on here.......the pain in my chest,had Cray up hospital,what for results in 2 weeks

  • : Xray........she gave me for chest pain Omeprazole 20mg Gastro- resistant capsules headaches,on waiting on a scan for's lime dotting the I and crossing the T"s.........but feel better changing no to old GP`S.

  • Because they're all a bunch of wan*ers, that's why! The NHS isn't a health service. Like Clutter said, these days it's about costs and not about the patient. Long gone are the days when the Hippocratic Oath meant something! I'm new to this forum. I joined today because I'm thoroughly pis*ed off about the response from my GP surgery after requesting copies of my recent blood test results. I've signed up here to share in the frustration of it all. It's not enough to be ill but we've to battle those who are supposed to be there to help us as well!

  • If you're not getting what you need then make a formal complaint !!! I was recently told by a member of staff at the hospital I'm under that she didn't understand why patients don't compain more often as they're there to provide a service which we do pay for. I said probably because they're scared of being thrown off their GP's books for no reason and if they're ill may not have the strenght to fight it.

    Good luck x

  • I saw gp at work today so effectively private. Had list of symptoms and test results and a pain diary. She completely dismissed and patronisedme refused to refer me to an endo. Told me it's my age and weight that if I exercised more I'd feel better. Naturally I was upset so she changed tack and suggested I was low and needed counselling (I'm a trained counsellor, I don't). I don't mean to hijack your post scampi1 but can relate to what you're saying, it's frightening that they all just refuse to believe how we feel.

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