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Hormone results help please

I have found my Endo's letter copy with some results. They are from March.

Can any kind person decipher for me please. All states as normal range. I have many thyroid type problem symptoms (half thyroid gland , no meds & micro pituitary adenoma).

Results:- cortisol 499 nmols per litre

serum prolactin 176 mU per litre

IGF1 13.3 nmols per litre

TSH 2.6

T4 of 13

Gonadotrophins (FSH &LH) just states "elevated in accordance with menopause.

Next letter says bone profile & urine free cortisol is normal. No actual results.

Any help be massively appreciated.


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Your TSH is too high it should be nearer 1.0 or even below

your free t4 is too low and should be in Upper quadrant of ghe range more like 19 or 20

have you previously gad overactive /graves disease because if thiz is the case your body can never ever again function on so called normal levels

Endos should know ghis but they are undrr RCP cosh


Hi reallyfedup,

Huge apologise, I have only just seen your reply about my bloods. Thank you so much

I don't know if I have ever been hormone overactive or Graves. I am diagnosed with CFS/ME/FM, since then tests found I have atrophied thyroid gland (literally half, right side only). Also a micro pituitary adenoma (having some nipple fluid..prolactin?).

I suffer weakness, pain, bloating, eye pain/vision variation, head tingling, on/ff poor mobility, terrible fatigue, swallowing issues on/off, rushing front throat..and other stuff. Would this all relate?

I had a brief look at nhs 'normal' levels which I thought I was in, maybe misread. My Endo has written saying all ok and normal. He's not at all helpful or interested in attitude though.

What's RCP Cosh?

I am desperate to get some help... work even ill health ended my contract. Been going on for about three years.



That endo should be reported to GMC for negligence

clearly you have the problems of both underactive thyroid and pituarity problems

where in the country are you because you are going to need proper help


Hi Reallyfedup,

I am in the south east of Kent.

My results were from the so called 'gold standard 24 hour urine test' which I had to insist on as he wasn't going to do any tests.

I don't know if the T4 within this would be a total T4 test (Inc. FT3) or just T4. I think you mentioned my free T4 result but it only says T4. Does that make a difference?

I am seeing this Endo tomorrow and dreading it because he blocks his ears. He just says you have your diagnosis, CFS/ME. I have always felt it was something hormonal as my symptoms are over & above that diagnosis.

He can actually see my weakness, rashing (says everyone has), my Daughter notices when half thyroid swells, he says that's normal too! He is impossible hence dread tomorrow. Feel like I have been left to just get on with. Feel like a 120 year old.... sorry ranting.

Any help or advice appreciated.



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