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I had a thyroidectomy Oct 2013 and I started out on 125 Mcg of Levo and 10 Mcg T3 then my Endo dropped me down to 110 levo, then down to 100 levo with 15 Mcg T3. I started having panic attacks so I stopped the T3 thinking it was making me racy then after three days I was so completely jittery and shaky and I don't know know??? Is it because I stopped my T3.

My Endo lowered my Levo down to 88 Mcg and now I feel fine.

Why am I having this problem, no thyroid and only 88 Mcg of Levo seems so low...I am tired and I have gained 20 lbs in one year, and nothing will take the weight off!

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Jillybean, not everyone needs high doses of thyroid replacement after thyroidectomy or RAI. My sister has been on 100mcg T4 since RAI 3 years ago.

I don't think you are optimally medicated though as you are tired and gaining weight. Can you post your thyroid results with lab ref ranges for when you were on 125mcg + 10mcg, 110mcg + 10mcg, 100mcg + 15mcg and 88mcg. Raising 10mcg T3 to 15mcg may have been too much and it may have been better to go back to 10mcg for a while rather than stopping T3 altogether.


I just had my blood drawn today, I will post result as soon as I have them for my 88mcg levo

When I was on the 100 Mcg I was so jittery and panic attacks would just randomly happen..... Now that I have dropped down to 88 Mcg I don't feel anxious at all!


Jillybean, maybe adding 5mcg x 2 T3 would help with the tiredness without causing panic attacks or anxiety. It's out of your blood in 6 hours if it does. Are they testing FT3?


Hi Clutter I just got my blood result.

TSH range is 0.34 - 4.82

On 10/24/13 mine was 0.72

On 12/13/13 mine was 1.64

On 1/13/14 Mine was 0.17

On 2/14/14 mine was 0.34

On 5/11/14 mine was 0.10

On 7/31/14 mine wad 0.02

On 10/13/14 mine was 0.27

On 11/5/14 mine was 4.42 this is on 88 Mcg levo no T3 added this is a huge difference.


T4 range is 0,76 a 1.80

My was 1.66 on 12/13

1.25 on 1/13/14

0.97 on 2/14/14

1.04 on 6/11/14

0.96. On 7/31/14

1.07 on 10/13/14

1.11 on 11/5/14 this one is on 88 Mcg levo and no T3


My T3

Range is 2.3 -4.2

My T3 is 3.3





3.24 on 10/2014


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