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Hard goitre

Hey yà, I had my biospy on Monday, great doctor, tho they could not get the first needle in so they had to use a bigger needle because the growth was so hard. It was not fun but it was not that bad either, so if you have to have it done, it ok. They give you lidocaine so you don't feel much. Thing is it is now Friday and my voice is like a frog and I almost strangled 3 times since then. Voice gets better as day goes one and worse as evening get here. They did do it twice so maybe it is just that, and it is cold season. Have you heard of a goitre being so hard they had to use a large needle to get fluid out?

When he said pops, my heart flopped big time. What ya'll think

X x x

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Hi Rita, The FNA does cause bruising and swelling which is probably why your voice is weak. My neck and throat were quite painful for a few days afterwards. I hope it gets better over the weekend.


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