Thyroid ...Its OUT. Back from Hospital an hour ago. Day 1

Hi all , My thyroid is out..since yesterday morning. I actually had the right one taken out many years ago and now the left came off too...good riddance. It was full of nodules 7 all together and the biggest was 3cm. Swallowing doesn't hurt but the neck is very sore. Voice is affected, very hoarse and when I take a deep breaths I get all sort of sounds and squeks!! I suppose the family is pleased that I stay quiet for a time being. Remaining thing was sent to lab and the surgeon said it looked ok even with the nodules ( not cancerous) although they did the needle test couple of months ago and all came clear then but who knows ...glad if they delrare all clear though. I had my first doze of tyroxine this morning and they started me on 100mg that about the norm? I have to have blood test in 6 weeks time for the calsium.

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  • Wishing you a speedy recovery, I am sure you will feel much better soon.

  • THank you :o) I am positive since it has been given me hell for the past year and a half !!!

  • Hope you feel much better soon.

  • Thank you :o)

  • Thank you :o)

  • I came out of hospital on 100mcg also. Upped that to 125mcg eight weeks later and haven't looked back since (that was 18 months ago) not felt this well in years, hopefully you too will be feeling great very soon :-)

  • TTLady I am pleased for you :O) I also can't wait for change to better !

  • Ditto everything that has been said in wishing you well except I have not had this done.

    Am pleased for you that you feel relieved and thanks for posting so soon post op.

    Take it easy and make most of any love and care.


  • Thank you , are you planning an operation aswell ?

  • Take things easy rest if you can.

  • Than you , I will have to visit doctors on friday to get sick certificates to work and have the wound checked :o)

  • Mine came out last Tuesday, because of Graves' disease, I've also got thyroid eye disease, I had quite an emotionally tough ride until I went to the docs yesterday and came home with some much needed sleeping pills. Today I've got my long lost old life back, I've had a pamper day today after the 1st full nights sleep in years and years, I've had a pedicure, my stitches out and a manicure is booked for Thursday, I bought loads of mags to read on the next rainy day, I've finished planting my bedding plants, gritted and put bark on the front flower border, and hubby has cut the lawns, so my garden is looking beautiful, we've booked a holiday to Whitby and planning lots of mini breaks, Wow life's fantastic now that my evil thyroid is in the bin,

    I hope you are soon feeling as well as I am, thinking of you, big hugs I'm sending your way

    Tish4 xxxx

  • Oh Trish this is exactly IT the evil thyroid in the bin ! Well said. Can't live with it so in bin it belongs :o) Why keep hanging to it if its not working. I think actually that my nodule riddled thyroid wasn't giving me enough thyroxin even though the blood came back ok'ish ( last blood test I had 2 years ago ) The pressure and tiredness was just too bad. I am also under investigation of sleep apnea as thyroid condition is one of the triggers to that although I am 5.2" and 9 1/2 stones so not your average canditate to that weight wise. I am looking forward life changes to better now that everything is under the control. I am so pleased that you have already had the benefits from that horrible condition and ITS OUT :o) Keep well

    Marja xxx

  • Aww well done! Try to rest loads over the next few weeks- sounds like you have done loads already! I had weekly then 2 weekly blood tests following my TT. I too was started on 100 mcg levothyroxine - increased to 125 then dropped to 112.5. I'm the same height as you.

    Take care!

  • Oops sorry I read the other posters height - was referring to their height. Sorry!

  • oh thats ok I think you did refer to my height 5.2" :o) and thanks.

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