advice on brands anyone? what suits u? what do u all take?

So im asking this question as iv been fine for 9 years on levo and then my levels started messing around when i was changed to teva new formula last october... since then i started on the actavis brand but nearly a year on and levels are still not stable and im still have strange side affects.. i really have tried as i really believed actavis would be the answer... anyway after doing some digging i have found out that 4 years ago when i lived on the isle of wight that i was on either the mercury brand or the almus im thinking it was the mercury as the almus box is a distinctive brown colour that im sure i would have remembered but i dont ever remember been given a brown box...

should i try another brand?? im trying to hunt down a pharmacy that will be able to get mercury for me as im willing to try anything at the moment feel like im going crazy!!

what brands do u all have and what brands dont suit u??

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Levothyroxines have almost all altered since 4 years ago. Perhaps you'll need to find one that suits you out of the current selection. what symptoms have you got on Actavis? I've heard that Wockhardt has the least complex fillers. Is it worth a try? Eltroxin is not easy to get but it's the reference drug for Levothyroxine so should be a stable quality.

from starting the actavis i was waking up with like head rushes like im going crazy! and also at the beginning of starting them my moods were up and down literrally every 10 minutes!.. also one of my ears seems to make noises at night when laid down.. all of these have calmed somewhat but iv not got like a tight head feeling like im going crazy its weird and i dont like it at all!! the only thing that calms it is alcohol and i do not want to turn into an alcoholic after never been a drinker in the first place!!...thanks for your response .. im currently waiting for a phone call from my pharmacy as they are seeing whether they can get the mercury brand for me...

Teva have re formulated. Please check your inbox.

Sorry, just replied to your post on another subject. I see you are already on this site

I believe Almus is Actavis but that's only what I've heard. Actavis changed their formulation about 4 years ago so it might have been different when you were on it before.

If you've got noises in your ears, check your B12 levels. Sometimes deficiencies make us feel like we are intolerant or perhaps the levothyroxine simply doesn't work as well when we have deficiencies. Check vit D, B12, folate and ferritin. You might be low in minerals too?

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