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Hypothyroid & Hashimotos ThyroiditisVideo

This YouTube video is very informative.

Breakthrough Treatments for Hypothyroid & Hashimotos Thyroiditis with Dr. Martin Rutherford, DC

Dr Rutherford also has short videos on his website: PowerHealth---

As a Hashimoto Patient I can relate to many of the following links:

Thyroid Issues, Fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, Functional Weight Loss, Irritable Bowel Syndrome/Irritable Bowel Disease and Peripheral Neuropathy.

All these conditions have individual videos.

It is so reassuring to know, that at last, there is someone knows of the many problems we all experience.

I do hope that you will benefit from visiting this website as much as I have.

Dr Rutherford also offers a free on-line consultation. I am not sure if this applies to UK residents.

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It is an excellent video, particularly for someone who is newly diagnosed or even undiagnosed. It is in simple language and if the picture is blank when you first open it, click on it and the video will begin. It is around 1hr.18 mins so covers a wide range of symptoms. He also says how important T3 is for our health. Also its about if you have symptoms but the blood tests are 'normal'. How labs differ in results. He talks about Functional Medicine.

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Hi Shaws----

l have edited my post and hope you will also like the other links.

I do wish we had doctors who were more informed on T3 and the peripherals that accompany Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

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Hi bomap, I like your editing and will look at the other links later. It's ridiculous that we seem to swim against the tide when we are not getting better when diagnosed. Closed minds in the medical profession are not conducive to good health for many people.

I am hypo.

I have bookmarked this page for use in future.


Well worth watching bomap, Medics over here need to watch it too.


Thanks for sharing this. I watched the video and it made so much sense as it pieced together many of the symptoms that I have. I just wish I had less brain fog so that I could remember more, then I would explain it to my GP!


Thank you for posting this. I've been unwell for many many years and this explains a lot.... Like why I've never put on any weight. So.... Where do I go from here? .....where is the UK equivalent of Dr Rutherford... Because my GP (in a rural area so not a lot of choice!) just doesn't get it.


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