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Can anyone advise me how long you should stay on anti thyroid drugs? I am on a 12 month backpacking trip around Asia. I have a goitre diagnosed two years ago but has caused me no problems then three months ago my heart started going crazy, irregular and thumping like mad, I went to a doctor in Bangkok who put me on anti thyroid drugs whic has sorted it out and the goitre had really shrunk. I have however put on about 10lbs and my toe nails are disgusting. Should I just carry on taking them or stop now that the original problems have gone. Sorry to sound a bit thick but it is so difficult to get advise out here

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Pushka, 12/18 months seems to be the time before people come off Carmimazole and try for a period of remission but you can stay on it longer. I wouldn't advise coming off after 3 months and you should make sure you can source Carbimazole on your travels. Carbimazole is working to regulate your thyroid hormone but that doesn't mean the hyperthyroid problem is 'cured'. The initial dose is usually reduced gradually and monitored by thyroid blood tests. Have you had follow up blood tests?

Fungal nail infection is common with thyroid problems. Have your toenails checked out. Topical treatments may be effective but you need to keep toenails dry if it is a fungal problem.


Hmm... Usually goitres are associated with hypothyrodism, where the thyroid attempts to make itself larger in order to produce more hormones.... It could be that you have hashimotos thyroiditus, where the thyroid gradually dies off due to antibodies. The hyper phase could be a sign of the thyroid being attacked and its breakdown puts a surge of thyroid hormones into the system. Which sends you temporarily hyper. It was this temporary hyper, after a couple of years of feeling a bit dozy, which finally led me to the doctors, where I threatened her and she worked out I had thyroid problems. If it is hashimotos it would account for the weight gain and the goitre....

Maybe you could try stopping the anti thyroid for a week to see how you feel? If it is hyper caused by say, graves, you are ok to continue the anti thyroid meds for as long as it takes.... So you can always take them again if you feel rough.

Do you know of any thyroid problems in your family? auto immune problems can run through families. How far into the one year trip are you? Maybe worth getting your antibodies measured when you get somewhere you can deal with a lab. At least that way you will have a clue what you are dealing with.



Galathea, goiters are common in hyperthyroidism and Graves because the gland swells as it is pumping out excess hormone. Some hyper and Graves patients experience weight gain and Carbimazole can contribute to weight gain too.


Ah I didn't really think goitres went with hyper. But it makes sense....... Thanks.

G x


Hi It is unusual for thyroid to recover. In view of your heart vital to take the meds. I would find another doctor



What is your dosage of Carbimazole?


It's 15mgs which after reading some of the posts on here seems really low but it's definitely made a difference


40-60mg seems the dosage that is first used with hyper conditions.

I was told by my Endo that 4 weeks is the minimum amount of time to see the effect of a different dosage. If the side effects you are experiencing are minor stay on that dose until your next blood test (which in theory should be done every 8 - 12 weeks, but as you are on the move this may be difficult!)

Or you could try a slight drop, say to 10mg and see how you go.


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