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On 75mcg, should I split my dosage?

I've been on 75mcg for a few months, and after a crazy battle with my surgery (4 different doctors) and serious issues in work, I finally feel at a place where my thyroid is under control. I take two tablets, a 50 and a 25 together in the morning, at least 30 minutes before breakfast. I'm wondering if anyone has had improved results in taking half before bed and half in the morning. I haven't seen anything online that relates to this, so it's just curiosity. I've read that taking thyroxone before bed benefits a lot of people, but I found my sleep disturbed before while I was just on 50mcg, taking them at night. I have thought about taking my 25's at night, and the 50's in the morning. Anyone have any input?? Thanks!! (I am also a Hashimoto's sufferer, so my theory was that a more "continuous" dose might be helpful.)

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Nashnewton, it isn't necessary to split doses of Levothyroxine as each dose has a half life of around 8 days. Split dosing confers no benefit and becomes a nuisance fitting it around an empty stomach and other medication and supplements. You should allow one hour before food and drink, or two hours after, when taking Levothyroxine.

People taking Liothyronine (T3) or NDT split dose to avoid peaks which may cause palpitations if taken in one large dose and because the short half life of 6-9 hours means the T3 wears off quickly.


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