Kidney function and hypothyroidism

Following on from my g.p visit this evening, and my previous posts, I have a print out of my results from March. As soon as I asked for a print out, my doctor informed me that my kidney function was showing stage 3 kidney failure! He has never mentioned this before in all my recent appointments, and seemed to shrug it off tonight. I didn't push the issue as he has agreed to refer me to an endo, and, to be honest, I have lost all faith in any credibility I may have once given him.

My question is, would this be related to hypothyroidism? I suffer terribly with swollen hands and feet and have a purple rash on the bottom inside of both of my shins.

My kidney results are 57 ml/min

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  • Someone with knowledge will respond to your Kidney test but do you have the ranges for this (figures are in brackets) as it helps to comment as labs differ.

    I am sorry you have been given a 'surprise' re your kidney and it must have come as a shock. No wonder you've lost faith. Considering that hypothyroidism affects everything you do wonder if you have been undertreated? Swollen hands/feet/body can be common with untreated/undertreated hypo.

    Get a copy of your latest thyroid gland blood tests with the ranges (these are very important) and post them on a new question. Many doctors believe that when the patients' TSH is in range that they don't need an increase. It is so wrong. On the morning of your blood test, don't take medication until afterwards and have it as early as possible.

    You have to take your own health into your own hands and read and learn as much as possible. Has your GP also done a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate recently. If not, request them.

  • Hi What were your U`s and E`s? Kidney function. Stage 3 is not too bad at all, no need to worry.In my case thyroid definitely not linked to kidney disease.In any as just be sure to have the correct thyroid treatment.

    Rash is more likely thyroid.

    Regarding Endo, pick one yourself once referred to wrong one, harder to change. Like everyone good and bad.

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  • Hi. I have swollen feet, calves etc and the TSH was rising. After many months of going and froing to dr a kidney problem has become apparent. In my case losing protein in urine, which apparently takes thyroid hormone with it. Your kidney and thyroid problem are therefore probably connected. If the swelling is pitting (soft) it may well be the kidney problem. Get a urine test done. With the right medication your kidneys can improve. I too lost faith in Drs but apparently kidney issues don't always show up initially. Now you have found the problem you can get the right treatment. Did they tell you Gfr and creatinine levels as these show how well your kidneys are working. Many people stay at stage 3 for years and don't progress any further. Good luck.

  • I think you could be referring to a GFR result (glomerular filtration rate) which is about how well your kidneys are working/filtering. If your result is over 60 the GP is happy if it falls below 60 they suddenly start leaping up and down!

    I had a test last December(I thought it was a simple test for sugar) at the time I was very unwell as my TPO antibody level was very high, I am hypo and on levo. In MAY (yes 6 months later) I was summoned to an appointment with the practice nurse to discuss my "kidney problem," This was news to me and since I had 3 weeks notice of the appointment it was rather worrying as we were going away 2 days later.

    When I saw the nurse I asked what she new about hypothyroid-"not a lot" I explained about my thyroid issues and the likelihood that being hypo would have affected my result. A private test a month later showed GFR of 63!! I didn't bother telling the GP surgery.

    My private blood test in June for TPO antibodies also showed that they had all but disappeared as I had been (still am) on a gluten and lacto free diet and feeling better for it. I do hope your issues are soon resolved. If you are hypo so many functions of the body are affected but should improve once you are correctly treated. Cholesterol is another example, it's raised if you are hypo and not treated.

  • Was the 57 a Creatine result or a GFR result?

  • GFR 57 mil/min. No other results just says speak to doctor.

  • GFR 57 mil/min. No other results just says speak to doctor.

  • Mine dropped to a similar level as yours last year. Apparently they had been testing my kidneys regularly for several years because my GFR was only just in the 60s, but nobody told me. When it dropped below 60, a very similar level to yours, I was called back and the nurse told me that above 90 is normal and now I was stage 3 CKD. I was terrified.

    However, when speaking with the doctor she told me that above 60 is normal and there is nothing to worry about. Mine has incidently gone back up to 68.

    If you google thyroid and kidneys you will find lots of papers on the connection between the two. I'm thinking that mine may have gone back up because I am now better medicated for my thyroid buts that just my hunch.

    Don't worry too much.


  • Thanks so much Foreversummer. I was doing so well researching my issues and starting to try to feel better and this just came like a bolt from the blue, especially after nearly crying to him about my symptoms (most of which are connected to kidney disease.) he did not seem to listen and then it was mentioned as an aside at the end of the appointment!

    So glad I have this site to put my mind at rest, not sure what I would do without it, it has been a godsend in the last few months..

  • Hi jackquikent

    I've just seen your blood results and that you are on levo. I would say you are undermedicated as I was. Can you push your doctor for an increase?


  • I am on 100mg of Levo, and my doctor has been worse than useless - keeps saying I am in normal range and it is all down to my age!

    The only thing he has been good for is , now he is referring me to an endocrinologist, so fingers crossed I get a bit more sympathy and understanding..

  • Check this out.


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