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Endoknob part 3!

Sorry to keep going on about this but I have only just received a copy of a letter sent to my GP. (I previously received a letter merely stating that my appointment had been cancelled.)

Basically what he is saying is, he wanted me to stop my levo to see if a really am Hypo or not. So my question is this: If a person had been taking Levo for over a year and wasn't Hypo how would it affect them and how would they be feeling?

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Very hyper I should think. Did you ever post your thyroid results? What level of Levo are you on? Do you feel ill with hyper symptoms? Is your temperature raised above normal? What symptoms do you actually have?


Like Hennerton says - what symptoms do you have, how much levo were you taking and why?


Yes I've posted my results before. These are my latest (April 2014)

TSH 0.33 (0.4-4)

free T4 17.8 (9-25)

free T3 3.7 (2.8 - 7.5)

TPO 1170 (0.01- 34)

I'm on 100mg of Levo and though I hate to admit it in case I put the hex on myself, I feel OK! Certainly not hyper in any way shape or form. My temperature is low. Occasionally I get it up to 36.1 but not that often. My main symptoms now are being unable to lose weight and problems with my hair-everything else I have learned to live with.

Earlier in the year I felt dreadful and went to see the GP saying I felt worse on Levo than without it but as luck would have it a few weeks later I gradually realised I had started to feel much more like myself again. I had been plagued with horrendous depression and mood swings but thank God that seems to have lifted. Out of all the symptoms I've had that has been by far the worst.


Ok. I think I might see what your endo is thinking. (Just guessing, obviously)

I'm wondering if the levo has reduced your TSH but had little effect on your FT4 and FT3 levels. In other words, the higher TSH you were previously producing was managing to stimulate the thyroid to produce the same levels of FT4/FT3.

If that's the case, then the question you have to ask is, how do you feel?

It would seem to me, with antibodies at that level, that your thyroid production is going to swing.

If anything, those results tell me you are hypo. Your FT3 is near the bottom of the range whilst your TSH is below range. It also seems you might have a conversion problem as your FT3 is 7% of range, whilst your FT4 is 55% of range. Quite a big difference, I would say.

Do you have gut issues and have you tried going gluten free, which I believe can help a lot of people with antibodies.

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Hi Rosetrees, I have been gluten free for over a year now and find my digestion is a million times better. This whole thing started because I had chronic constipation but now I am quite regular-for the first time in my life! I'm not sure if that's due to being gluten free or the medication however. I feel OK at the moment (other than the weight/hair issues) so at this stage wouldn't even consider going without my levo.

My original results were: (10.9.12)

TSH 3.50 (0.4-4)

TPO antibodies 1539.0.

On 12.3.13:

TSH 4.76

free T4 15.1 (9-25)

TPO 1384.5

A few people on here have suggested my trying a small dose of T3 which I would like to do but I am really worried about upsetting the apple cart because this past year has been a nightmare :-(

I was hoping to do it under the guidance of this endo but obviously we are at stalemate. He won't see me if I don't come off my levo and I am digging my heels in!


So? Don't agree!! Any change in meds HAS to be DISCUSSED and AGREED between the doctor and patient!


This endo has said that it's pointless having an appointment with him merely to debate whether or not I am Hypo. No discussion or agreement forthcoming there I'm afraid :-(


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