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Difficulty swallowing

Hi there again!

Was wondering if having a nodule in lower left pole of thyroid could contribute to difficulty swallowing, have been cleared by the ENT specialist, but the problem not getting any easier

It seems to be situated around the base of neck, near shoulder and feels like all fluid and foods getting stuck and going to the left!

Does anyone else have this issue and what is the cause?? Thanks!

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Swallowing difficulties were one of my main problems before i was diagnosed with Haashimotos. I was unable to eat anything and even drinking was a major problem. Went to see several specialists including ear nose and throat....they were unable to identify problem. Once i was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and started to take levo my swallowing returned to normal. Many years before thyroid diagnosis i had a lump that could be felt in my throat area, dr said nothing to worry about.

I have to say that was one of the worst periods of my life....Do you have a thyroid diagnosis?


So far all I know is that I have a nodule in lower left pole of thyroid, my TSH is now down to 1.4 from 2.6 in a month, am having more tests tomorrow including ESR, FBC, Urinalysis and thryoid antibodies (having urination problem now also). Am always constipated, fatigued and weight gain is horrendous. I can lose a kilo or two and then put it back on even though havent changed anything getting rather upset over continually battling with doctors.

Also have very advanced bone degeneration in spine, neck, hips, knees and feet and ankles, they tried to tell me it was hereditary! We went back four generations on either side of the family and the worst case of athritis was in my great great grandmothers hands lol!


I had a similar problem and I was told it was due to "Silent Acid Reflux", Hope this helps


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