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question about cymbalta (hashimotos)


Is there anybody who has been prescribed cymbalta for depression (or pain)?

I have been prescribed it for both, however I have not started taking it fearing the initial two weeks of 'side effects' I was warned about by the psycho-oncologist. Then I read online about the withdrawal symptoms and I daren't even start with this drug!

Can anybody tell me their experiences, for example are the side effects / withdrawal symptoms worse than having depression and chronic pain?

Thanks in advance!


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Do not start on it at all

If your thyroid is correctly treated you wont have depression or pain

Do you have test results

what meds are you on etc

giving ant depressants is lazy ignorant doctors way out of bothering to understand the depths of treating thyroid patients


I'm on 125mcg levothyroxine.

About 10 months ago they reduced my dose to 100mcgs and my TSH dropped to 16 and I became fairly suicidal. Then I went back on 125mcgs and my TSH is now in range again (last reading was 2.4) .It's taken this long to get me to a psychiatrist for the depression that I have suffered with to varying degrees for at least 4 years.


your TSH is still too high thus your undertreated and in all probability because you either cannot convert the levo thyroxine correctly due to low ferritin or b12 or vit D3 or because you need T3 alone or NDT

Unless they test for

Free t4

Free t3




Vit D3

they have no business mucking about with your dosage ...........TSH should not be used to assess response to treatment

Removal of all symptoms is the proof of correct dosage and medication


Thanks for your reply . I have had full blood tests at the hospital - including vitamin D about a week ago, just before I got prescribed Cymbalta .

They said they'd contact me if anything was out of range and I haven't heard anything .

I do know the ferritin was 57. I have had serious iron deficiency but that was treated with ferrous sulphate for 18 months and put right .

I haven't felt right for a long time though . There are many conflicting reports about cymbalta . Basically I want rid of my pain & depression without becoming a zombie !


Sometimes a person can need anti depressants for depression NOT caused by an undermedicated Thyroid condition. There are difficulties with this. If doctors were treating patients symptomatically as is promoted on here then we would all know then that the very best was being done for us Thyroid wise and that if we then started to get depression then it would be for a different reason. As a lot of us are not treated properly by our doctors how are we supposed to know if an anti depressant is really needed?


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