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Under active Thyroid and weight loss

Does anyone know about food intake with levothryoxine, I am 22 and have been 7stone 10lbs since I was about 14 (weight has never really changed) I am petite at 5ft2 and have always eaten well but healthy, then my weight went up a stone (to 8st 10lbs) just before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Since being on the meds I have lost just over 2 stone. For most people they wouldn't be bothered but as I was quite petite originally I now weigh 6stone 9lb. I would ideally like to be back to just under 8stone but don't know how much food or what kind of food intake is best. I am aware my current weight is not healthy but I posted in an earlier post that I am finally happy on my dosage of levo (50mg) so don't really want to reduce.

I just came back from a week away, where I ate a larger intake and far more carby foods, excited to come home and jump on the scales to see I had only gone up a lbs. I read a lot about people finding it hard to loss weight with an under active thyroid but yet to read about anyone in my situation. I know a lot of people may read this thinking it's silly I am fussing over weight loss but for me it isn't ideal when I am already such a petite frame.

If anyone can shed any light on this that would be fantastic!

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Iv never been to gain weight either even though i have an underactive thyroid. Also if im unwell of not eating properly or stressed my weight just drops. I have crohns disease and always thought that might be a factor. I have raised this before on here and there are many members who can not gain weight. Maybe its just the way we are.Thay said i have always wanted to be able to put weight on mainly because when i am unwell i look dredful.



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