Follow up on brain fog query

I'm not sure if I am posting properly and wondered why it is I add a response and its not showing. I am still looking for any more feedback to my brain fog question which I posted here last night:

I don't know if its best to use 'post' or 'question'?

thanks hypo and confused


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  • I carolyn..i posted in response to your post last night. Its showing up from my end. Not sure what the problem is, maybe someone else can help.

  • Hi there Giagal.......I suggest that go on your profile picture in the green band at top of page......then go on my account.There you will see a list of preferences.

    Tick the ones you want including E Mail me when there is a reply to something I have asked( May be not the exact words as I didn't write it down but I think the one you want is in the first two listed.) ....hope this helps.

  • Thanks Marit - I have done that and now getting notifications - thanks

  • Good ......glad to have helped x

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