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Advice on first consultation with endo


I am the mother of a 17 year old daughter who has struggled with hypothyroid issues since March of this year. She was diagnosed following bloods for gynaecological issues and placed on Thyroid meds. However throughout the months her test results show thyroid as stabilising but all her symptoms as before are related to hyperthyroidism. Any ideas of what I should be asking for as I am concerned with just medicating the thyroid gland when the symptoms are still causing her to have a poor quality of living.

Thank you in advance for any info xx

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My daughter has had problems too, we can relate hers to the HPV jab (but that's a whole other issue at the mo!) I've consulted a naturopath for her and since taking her advice my daughter has really perked up, still a little way to go but she's so much better now. The lady I have contact with isn't in my area so she does telephone consultations and does her best with my limited budget because she genuinely wants to help people and she has her own thyroid trouble that has stabilised with her own methods and wishes to help others do the same... Might be worth considering as sometimes when GP's run out of ideas they can be much more helpful x


If you have her recent blood tests with the reference ranges, post here for more advice. We can only make guesses without them. The symptoms of hypo are similar to hyper and it may be that although she is told her thyroid levels are normal, she is not on an optimim dose. What is she on?


Order the saliva cortisol test from Genova UK to see what her adrenals are doing.


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