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Taking blood

Hi all,

Health practitioners don't usually have any problems taking blood from me, however it all changed when i went really ill last Christmas and my veins just suddenly collapsed. Since then drawing blood has been hard, bloody painful and sore and I've had enough of it. I had an appointment today to check my bloods but after 4 attempts... NOTHING! And i'm going to be embarrassed going out Friday night with all the bruises on my arms!!!

My appointment has been made for a week today to let my veins rest so they can attempt to draw blood again, any advice how to make the procedure easier? Is there anything I can do??

Thanks :)

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Drink loads beforehand, and envisage the blood pouring into the little tube. I used to be a nightmare, but a nurse once told me to do that. Close your eyes and 'will' the blood to come out. It seems to work for me.

Seriously though, drinking plenty of fluids can help.

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Thanks :) I'm 23 and feel like i've got veins of a 90 year old :( I will try that before my next one xx


I have the same problem. Plenty of fluids is the main thing and I was told to ensure that you are warm. I always chuck on a cardigan or a jacket whatever the weather and sit by the window if its sunny in the waiting room. I went for a sauna before an appointment at the hospital! There is nothing worse than that syringe sucking and nothing coming out. Gives me the heebies thinking about it. Got mine next week!


As well as drinking plenty of water, you could run warm water over the inside of your wrists. This can help the blood flow better by warming it.


All the above suggestions, plus a brisk walk beforehand. I had trouble when I was younger but it has been loads better since my phlebotomist advised me to drink plenty of water, stay warm and have a vigorous walk.

You might also benefit from a different phlebotomist. I had a problem with a blood draw last year, but I put it down to the technician not being brilliant.

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The skill of the phlebomist is a surprisingly strong factor. I usually have no problem but the pin-prick when it goes in and the bleeding/bruising visible afterwards does vary. Last time the person was so good I literally could hardly feel it, she carefully supported the needle/tube while switching vacutainer, and afterwards there was no under-skin blood whatsoever.

Whole heartedly endorse a drink, get warm, brisk walk.



Thanks for all of the advise guys! My Dr said my hands were too cold to attempt them from my hands as this is where they would usually do it too, however, i've always suffered with cold hands and doesnt matter if i wear mittens they wont heat up. It was 22 degrees today here in North Wales and my hands were stone cold! I'll run them under really hot water next week, drink plenty of fluids and go for a run lol :)


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