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period woes

hello,i was just hoping that someone else might have experienced this..for years I never ovulated or had a period once I got onto half-(ish) the dose of levothyroxine that I am on now my periods came back but I still don't believe I was ovulating..

now that I am on the right dose of medication I have been experiencing things that I never used to(im using opks) last month I had spotting (Only a tiny amount but still enough to scare me) and this month no spotting but cramping on and off that feels sometimes like my period is about to start!

do you guys think I am so used to not ovulating that I am just not used to all the signs and symptoms of it..or maybe its because I haven't ovulated in years that's its giving me extreme symptoms!

I don't know what it is-but I wish it would go back to normal

has anyone else experienced ovulation issues after being infertile for years?


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Ive never been diagnosed infertile but since a teen Ive always had irregular - sometimes for years non existent - periods. There seems to be no pattern to it. Sometimes no periods but am ovulating, sometimes heavy or light, cramps or no cramps - I get it all! and when I am having monthly cycles I find the PMS extreme. Ive been diagnosed hypo for 17years and on thyroxine until switching to Nutri Thyroid this week. I think these are common issues with thyroid disease. Lets see if things change now Ive started supplementation and NT...I'll keep you posted!


Yes it happened to me. Due to PCOS I rarely ovulated so when I did I was very aware of it. When my cycles became regular though later on I guess I got used to all the symptoms and stopped noticing so much.


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