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results of keep forgetting a doses

hi ,

Im new here,

I have a overactive thyroid for about a 3 month now and I was at the beginning on 20mg carb now i am on 10mg and question as I runs out of the tablet and had a prestcription but I didn't go to pharmacy to collect new ones for last 5 days as haven't had chance, today i started shenking my hand and feel dizzy and went straight away to pharmacy for tablet carb, and took 2 dose, what could happend to me after I simply keep forgeting to take the tablet which i suposed to take them 10mg everyday?

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Here's what I do because I don't have time to drive all over town whenever I need a prescription filled: The pharmacy has the prescription which has repeats on it. I phone them up, they have my VISA card number in their records, they deliver to my place of work. I pay my credit card bill at the bank machine once per month.

If the medication is 'same old' and there's no repeats left, the pharmacy phones the doctor's office manager who then faxes the prescription to the pharmacy.

Seeing as how we are not using horse and buggy anymore, we may as well take advantage of communication technology.


Number one, and this is going to come across as a harsh statement, you MUST make sure that you take the carbimazole. In the extreme, hyperthyroidism can result in something called Thyroid Storm which is an extreme emergency with, sadly, a high death rate.

It isn't like putting up with a headache rather than go out to buy some more paracetamol.

You can put in for a repeat prescription well before it is due. Might vary how your surgery will treat it - some do seem to take you to the wire.

You can get your prescription sent directly to a pharmacy - many of which will then deliver.

You can get your prescription posted to you if you hand them a stamped, self-addressed envelope along with the repeat prescription request.

You can send your prescription to an internet pharmacy for dispensing to save you going out.

None of the above is meant to say that if the prescription is wrong, you shouldn't take other actions. For example, if you start to be HYPOthyroid then you might need to cut down the carbimazole. But don't simply not take it. And don't assume that a double-dose is a good idea.

Your needs come first. I have no idea why you couldn't get to the pharmacy earlier but whatever the reason, you are going to have to address the issue. Whatever that means to others (saving only children you might be responsible for).



Yes a follow up of what Rod has said, most important to take the correct amount at the right time. I'm on Levo and I went into a specific brand years before there was a known issue for it. The pharmacist suggested I work a month in advance in case they couldn't get it easily. My GP wouldn't do that so I got each prescription a couple of days early till I had a bit of a stock. I've recent done the same when stArted on AdCal as I know if the weather turns wintery I can't walk to the Pharmacy. But at the end of the day you and only you can request your meds at the right time but make a ring round the date in your calendar or an alert on your phone and make sure you have it sent to the pharmacy. You do then hace a few more days to pick it up.


I cannot give you an answer as I am hypo. If you keep your medication on your bedside table you can decide to either take it on wakening or when you go to bed, so it is the first or last thing you see. I don't know whether you have to fast beforehand so I would follow the GP's advice.


You have answered you own question you get shaky and ill when you don't take them find something you do every day and put tablets next to that bed, clean teeth, eat or drink then put repeat in for well before you need it once this gives you leeway then always mark somewhere on calendar , on phone when you need to get next repeat It can be hard to remember stuff when you have thyroid problem

once you have done all this you can relax because it will become second nature

Good luck I am also hyper and have done all of the above because I also tended to forget so they are next to my bed now x


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