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Waiting for doc to visit. Been feeling so unwell. Nausea, upset stomach, headaches and shivery.

I'm hyperthyroid. I am on 5mg of carbimazole. Plus I have Parkinsons.

Could I have a worse day? My few weeks old grandson has a significant large hole in his heart. Mt daughter was on the phone in tears this morning.

Plus trying to get in touch with my epileptic son who lives alone. No reply to mobile.

Am I in a state? I've almost rushed around to his flat and phoned to cancel doc.

Stressed? WHO ME?

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Cicely, I'm sorry you're feeling so unwell and hope the doctor will sort you out. Horrible news about your baby grandson and no surpise your daughter is so upset. I hope he has an op soon to close the hole. Your son probably hasn't charged his phone and will most likely be defensive about the worry he's caused you. Is there a friend or neighbour who can look in on him if he hasn't called back this afternoon?


Thank you Clutter. I have shed lots of tears today.

I feel so helpless and unable to help now with my health problems which is the worst thing for me. I have always been independent and coped with all the various problems 5 children can bring. Now I'm floundering.

Doctor said could be a virus, I guessed that would be the answer. Blood test next week. Then there will be an appointment September. It's so frustrating when you don't have any confidence in these doctors. I felt fine when they told me I was hyper. I have gone downhill since then. I feel angry too, I feel they have wrecked my health.

My son said he was sleeping. :-/


Well son's well, Cicely, so that's a worry less. Rest and try to eat and drink well to get over the virus.


Bless you, thank you.


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