hashimotos info needed re: blood test

hi everyone

I have all the symptoms of hashimotos (even my eyebrows are going bald) but blood work is normal except liver function, is it possible for me to get my gp to retest for thyroid problem? im going to see her tomorrow, hopefully i can get hold of a print out of the results and more will make sense to me about this, im worried my health is going to be severely affected by misdiagnosis. thanks

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  • Puggles, 90% of hypothyroidism is caused by autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) but the other 10% is due to surgery, genetics or plain unknown.

    Ask your GP to do a thyroid function test plus thyroid peroxidase and thyroglobulin antibodies. She may not be willing to this unless your last test was 3+ months ago. Ask for a printout of your last results with the lab ref ranges (the figures in brackets after your results) and post them for comment/advice.


    ps Welcome to the forum :)

  • thanks clutter, apparently there were no issues with thyroid, but by hook or crook im going to get those results off her and will get them up on here, ive had so many different symptoms its unreal, as im sure most of the people on here have, thanks again.

  • Puggles the 'normal' range is very broad which is why we advise people to get a printout of their results. Patients are entitled under the Data Protect Act to access their test results but you may have to pay a nominal £1/£2 to cover the cost of printer ink and paper. If your GP can't print them off ask the GP receptionist or the practice manager.


  • Never be fobbed off with 'normal'. Nhs will tell u it is normal no matter where in range u are. Many people, incl me, need low tsh to feel more or less normal. I bet u are near the top end if what the establushment calls normal.

  • "normal " is a load of crap generally when it comes to thyroid tests

    once you have the actual results and reference ranges we will know netter how to help you

  • thanks :) people have been very helpful here already. i feel this is going to be a battle to get these results, i have no faith in drs and am thinking of changing surgeries, im going in there today to try n get a print out. when i had a phone appointment last week, the doctor told me i didnt need to know the ranges etc as "i wasnt a clinician and it would mean nothing to me" . Im self-employed and havent worked more than 6 days this past month due to feeling so ill and tired, i feel so frustrated that im meant to live my life feeling so effin rotten all the time without any idea of whats causing it all. It was only when i googled about my eyebrows going thin that i realised i had all the symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

  • My GP knows that I always want my blood test results, and prints them off for me without me even asking her now. During a recent phone consultation (for blood test results), she knew I wanted the ranges too. I do feel that she accepts I know a bit about it.

    An acknowledgement that maybe, just maybe, you know a tad about your condition would be very nice.

  • thanks i got em :)

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