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Aldosterone Results Help please

Hi All

I have had my aldosterone results back from BH.

The sample was 159 pmol/L.

Reference range: Resting: < 637 pmol/L

Upright: < 970 pmol/L

Time of sample: 16.25

Does anyone know whether this means I am Low in Aldosterone please?

I dont know what the resting or upright means but I didn't lie down for half and hour beforehand. I have also learnt that you should have it done early am, but too late now.

I suffer from urinary frequence which is getting worse, day and night, and whatever I drink just goes straight through me.

many thanks


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The test looks to be geared to seeing if aldosterone is too high, hence saying that the level should be less than 970 upright. It doesn't seem to do much if aldosterone is too low... You are right in beliving that if its too low you lose salt and water... This would result in low lood pressure due to low blood volume.....

Not sure how you raise it though, but your thinking looks logical enough.....

G xx


Hi and Thanks for your comments. Weird that they dont give a better 'range' evaluation. I did ask the lab who asked the 'doctor' and offered no further info or explanation. Will ask the endo (ha ha)



Daffers, you posted your cortisol levels a while ago. Two of them were high, morning and evening. If cortisol is high, aldosterone is low.

Cortisol results in fluid retention. Aldosterone helps to keep it from becoming excessive. So for your situation you are in balance.


Thank you - how ever did you learn all that! I am amazed at the knowledge and info here. I am desperately trying to get to the bottom of why my night cortisol is so high as it's a accompanied by heart pals and fever and feeling really unwell. Can only sleep if I take Zopiclone now which must mask the symptoms.

Also T3 now makes me feel hyper right away.



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