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Coughing blood

Hi all I've had a cough for 4 months and hAd antis which didn't touch it and chest X-ray which was clear and 3 weeks ago I noticed my thyroid was very in larged went back to docs and he thinks May have cysts on it so put me for a urgent scan still hasn't come through yet but this morning I've noticed blood when I cough has any one else who has had cysts or nodules or the other one had blood with it ???? I'm hashimotos

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Becs, I think the persistent coughing, which may be caused by the cysts/nodules, may have made you cough blood but I don't think it will be the cysts/nodules themselves bleeding. Please let your doctor know though and s/he may be able to hurry up the scan.


Hi clutter I have double appointment with him on weds so if not through I will see what he can do , panicked a bit !!


Becs, you've probably strained your throat coughing, much like violent sneezing can cause a nosebleed. Try a spoonful of honey in warm water with a wedge of lemon. It's very soothing and 'oils' the throat when plain water won't relieve tickling.


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