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What NHS Trusts will prescribe natural thyroid hormones?

Hi there,

I'm post thyroid cancer and Levo was not good for me. I have been buying NatureThroid direct from the US but now have the support of my hospital Endo who has written me a prescription (she first asked my GP to but the surgery refused to pay). Now the hospital (Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust) have rejected the Endos request and she has asked me to find which Trusts out there have approved prescriptions - to try to make the case.

Please, if any of you have NHS prescriptions, please let me know where you live/ what trust you're in.

I'd love to stop having to order online for my lifeline medication!

Thanks in advance

Anna :-)

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What you might - and I only say might be able to do is get a prescription from your GP to send to the States for your online prescription - the actual script cost is not too bad for Nature Throid, but it is the VAT and Post office costs on top which really bump it up. maybe if you have a script the Blinking VAT would not count - just a suggestion. I have been on Nature Throid for a few weeks - Great. XX


Afraid the VAT applies regardless. Hence also the clearance charge. As soon as total value (excluding P&P) is over £15, and the VAT also applies to the P&P charges.



Hi Rod, there is a Customs & Excise declaration form that can give a VAT exemption for disable people when purchasing items relating to their disability. e.g. ordinary pair of scissors would not allow exemption, but a pair designed for disabled people would. I have used my certificate a number of times. I don't know if that would apply to the above situation though.


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