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Enforced exercise!

Has anyone out there felt this? Most mornings I feel " down " and physically weak but if as this morning I force myself out side and do really strenuous work in my 1/2 acre then I suddenly feel invigorated and my head clears and mood lifts .and I am no longer "swimmy" I have often wondered if it it's anything to do with my Adrenal function? Any ideas or similar experiences out there!?

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Yes adrenals can do that ,best get a 24 hr saliva test to show if u are low or high at any particular time ,that way u know at what time ur adrenals need support


Pig4u, I guess the effects of the hard work are akin to exercising:

"When you begin a workout, your heart rate rises and triggers the body’s fight-or-flight instinct. The brain releases a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor to protect neurons from the anticipated effects of a prolonged battle. At the same time, the brain releases endorphins to numb pain and facilitate peak performance.

These chemicals also induce feelings of well-being. Endorphins can cause euphoria (known as the runner’s high). Brain-derived neurotrophic factor soothes ruffled neurons to promote a sense of clarity. This is why a problem can seem more manageable after a walk or run to clear your head. Your brain has literally returned to baseline to allow you to respond most effectively to environmental threats."


Thanks hypnoteq I see all that but what I need is to feel fine without having to exert myself hugely at the start of every day. I have had the standard 9am Cortisol test it was 484 but perhaps I will have to have the Genova saliva test My very caring Dr says it is the better one but it is refused on the NHS.Is there a anything I can self medicate to help.I am on Liquid Thyroxine and am building up some T3 at the moment

With a hope to giving me more energy My other bloods are excellent but I refuse to be beaten and will be normal energetic self again somehow! And the wretched NHS refuse to pay for my Liquid so Ill soon be bankrupt!


Yes, I was sure you would be aware but I just wanted to add in the mood side of things and the impact of mind over body ..... I know the feeling of morning times, as if we need one of those rechargjng stations we're seeing appearing, for electric cars! Since moving all my thyroid meds to nighttime though, from morning, after an initial 3 weeks or so of not feeling good-ish, i now wake up better, feeling better, in the morning. In fact I get out of bed now not feeling drunk (your "swimmy"?) as I used to, struggling to open my eyes. That aspect of my symptoms has continued even with my recent conversion from 125mcg T4 / 20 mcg T3, to NDT. However I have also been taking 5HTP too, so how much that has benefited mood and sleep, I don't know. I am planning to have the saliva test too, to see what is happening with my adrenals (is it only available/recommended from Genova?) but what to do with any negative results, I haven't yet considered - having got part-way through all the recommended books but not yet completed any lol! However its likely I will look into Nutri Adrenal X.


I don't know if its cortisol but do think that anything that you enjoy and gives you a sense of accomplishment will make you feel better. With Ibuprofen I did some gardening today. The problem that I have is that I often can only work and sleep especially now that my joints are bad. Sorry to cast a downer.


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