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Hi there,

I am going on radioactive Iodine treatment in September for a return of Graves Disease and I am being given it at hospital. The thing is they say they give it me there but how do I get back home afterwards because they tell me I've got to sit it out after at home? Do I go home in the back of my Mum's car or do I have to go home by a special means of transport as I will be radioactive?

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Abmonster, You will be given a list of restrictions and precautions to take. You'll be advised to sit in the back of your Mum's car, diagonally across from her. My nuclear physicist advised that there isn't much more risk to others than the background radiation we're all exposed to daily but the precautions are future proofing against things we may not know now but which may become evident in 30 years or so.


Thank you. This is very helpful.


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