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Unhelpful doctor. Adrenal insufficiency?

Hey all, I've posted recently about my symptoms and got lots of helpful advice, but I've just been to my doctor (again) and he gave me an anxiety questionnaire and ignored my symptoms and low blood sugar readings, which he said I am getting to fixated on (although he told me to do them and bring the results to him!!)

I'm wondering if anyone has any stories to share or advice. I'm a 21 year old woman and I've been struggling with this long list of symptoms for 3 years now. I've been to doctors on numerous occasions and been told its caused by the following: being pregnant (I'm not) STDs (nope) depression (no) stress (again, no) anxiety (nope) anorexia (no!).

My symptoms are:






-Brain fog, inability to concentrate

-Blurred vision

-Numbness in legs and arms and fingers

-Very cold hands & feet

-Constant thirst (I need to drink 4 litres of water a day and still thirsty)

-Night sweats

-Stomach pains


-Dizzy and fatigued after basic activity (flight of stairs, standing up)

-Shortness of breath

-Underweight, can't gain weight

-Low blood sugar (I'm getting anything from 2.7 mmol/L - 3.9 mmol/L regularly after eating)

I went to a doctor a year ago who said it was anxiety, I saw a specialist, and needless to say it wasn't. I feel anxious & irritable when I have low blood sugar, but I don't have anxiety.

The doctor ignored my symptoms and low blood sugar readings. I left with an anxiety questionnaire when what I really wanted was an endocrinologist referral.

I live in London and think I should contact an endo directly, can I do this? And is it very expensive? The NHS has been very unhelpful and seems to employ GP's who are obsessed with labelling young women with depression/anxiety and eating disorders. If I had an eating disorder I wouldn't be seeing a GP to complain about being UNDERWEIGHT.

Has anyone had a similar experience or similar symptoms? What are your thoughts?

Thanks very much everyone! xx

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Have you been tested for coeliac and pernicious anaemia?

You do not need to fork out for an endo - a good private gp can help too. I can recommend one in London if you are interested

I have had the same symptoms - I have Hashimoto's, p anaemia, coeliac, neutropaenia and a bunch of other stuff. What are your iron and vit D levels like?

The quickest and cheapest option might be a trial of ndt - i buy online without script.

Or ask a private gp for a trial of levo


If you are really lucky, from the NHS you might get a short synacthen test (and no treatment). If you are exceptionally lucky, you might get an MRI and an insulin stress test as well. If you have bull blown Addison's, you might get treated. It's not worth the effort - adrenal insufficiency doesn't exist in the NHS. You are Normal until you have Addisons.

I was just the same. Now quite a lot better (but I had my abnormal short synacthen test in 1990, so don't be in a hurry!)

Try Nutri adrenal, lots of B12 and meditation (and perhaps some T3 taken according to Paul Robinson's protocol). And iron if you have low ferritin.


Same boat. I now take nutri adrenal extra and T3, liquorice root, vit D, vit K, B12 injections weekly.


You need to get a range of tests done. Ask your doctor to test your TSH, FT4, FT3, iron, folate, ferritin, Vit D and Vit B along with thyroid antibodies. Ask for a printout of the results, with ranges. Any that your doctor refuses to do you can order privately from Blue Horizon or Genova UK, but all those should be available on the NHS.

Then order the saliva cortisol test from BH or GUK. It's the vital test for adrenals and I wish I'd known about it when I was your age.

Once you have all the results, consider making an appointment to see a private doctor who understands endocrine stuff. Not necessarily an endocrinologist. I can PM you details of the two I've seen, if it would help.


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