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To be or not to be that is my question :-)

Hi everyone , hope you are all well as can be , if like me it's graves skies , at the moment got another water infection on antibiotics ! Do these interfere with Carbi I wonder , had awful week dizzy , not sleeping , nervous, ears popping ringing Been to gp, cos getting funny stomach issues , just waiting for a ultra scan , now got water infection again since being on Carbi !! I feel my immune system has gone AWOL , been discharged ! Cos in normal range. What's normal about all symptoms , had shaking , fast heart rate , insomnia,ended up on Carbi with , digestive issues , stomach , constipation , water infection , muscle pain aches all over , worse insomnia ever , dry mouth , my normal range obviously not endos , they won't do anymore bloods til sept now ! I just pray Iv stabilised enough poss to go on a lower dose oh on 5mg at the mo but def having an effect on my immune system., gonna have to start supplementing just for done vitamin b complex , oh & go gave me some zoperole to help sleep , I dont want to be on tablets. Not know which way to turn anymore , I'm begging for a Re Ferral to my endo.

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If you are suffering infections the very least they should do is check your white blood cells - since carbi is known to reduce them in some people. I never got on with it, had to have propylthiouracil instead, because my white cells went right down and I kept getting infections.

Keep askin - point out that your infections are bad.


Sorry you are feeling so awful. You might be in the GP's normal range but sounds like you're definitely not at 'your' normal range.

Could you maybe just by-pass your GP and call your endo's secretary, and get an appointment with your endo.

Also if you are taking antibiotics it might be worth taking a probiotic to give your body's good bacteria a boost. There are different types but I like the live ones - that are kept in a fridge in the health food shop, they also tend to cost more but that might help your digestive issues.

Sleep is difficult, I have to keep all the windows closed (noise!) I've bought blackout curtains (light!) and provided I don't get too cold or worse, too hot (in this weather!) and have eaten enough so that I am neither too full or hungry I can usually get a decent night's sleep. I've also done the soothing lavender baths before bed, not doing anything too stimulating etc. Lack of sleep is a dreadful problem. Yes, and marram's suggestion of a WBC is a good one considering the warnings you get when you get your carb.


Hi I had all the above and now in remission so I realise it was the Graves not the carbi. The carbi will help but it takes time. How long have you been o it?


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