hypothyroidism zinc deficiency connected? foods interfering with medicine?

Hi i am new to this website wish i'd found it a few years ago as it seems a very helpful community on here :-) I have been on levothyroxine since i was 14 for 8 years now i am now on 125mg which i take every morning 20/30mins before food + tea.

Around 2 years ago I changed my diet to dairy free and gluten free and found I began feeling less sluggish and bloating disappearing.

more recently I am noticing my memory is slowing down and I am finding it difficult to concentrate on anything, feeling agitated and irritable, feeling really tired and low, gurgling tummy, constipation, cramps diarrhea and hair loss I was wondering if there are any other foods that disrupt your thyroid levels and if there are other medical issues associated with hypothyroidism? Also I recently had a zinc test due to my symptom of hair loss tests came out very low on Zinc and was told to buy some zinc supplements from a shop, does anyone Know the recommended daily amount of zinc?

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I don't know about the zinc, but I take 30 MG's at about 8:00 pm. I was told it can help lower cortisol at night, but it takes several hours to work. I also take magnesium and D3 at night, as well as K2. Those are supposed to go together, from what I was told. I found that oats, buckwheat, quinoa, and eggs affect me the same way as gluten. Are you gluten free or just wheat free? Some have problems with dairy, as well.

Hi Hannah

Yes, minerals and vitamins are also very important and this is a list which will be helpful.


Forgot to say you should be waiting an hour to eat after taking T4 and no calcium or iron for 4 hours before or after taking it.

Two replies which I was going to make. The Thyroid UK site gives so much information. I started my thyroid journey over 25 years ago and my GP suggested minerals and vitamins then as tests came back low. Last year with things not going so well I stopped taking these things with the idea of doing a baseline again. I never actually got around to that but noticed I wasn't too good when I stopped them so with the help of many comments on here I'm back on them again plus some others. I feel so much better! My TSH was unreadable but my FT4 at very top of range and FT3 midway so there was a suggestion I may not be converting well. The lab was suggesting with such a low TSH that I was over medicating and my GP chose to believe that rather than my symptoms! in fact I was told to stop my vitamins etc to raise my TSH. I ignored that! Listen to your body! It knows you better than anything else.

Couldn't agree more about listening to your body!

As for other foods that can disrupt your thyroid levels, have a look at this.


Hope this helps, Grey

zinc is needed for thyroid function at the hormonal level in the cells.

I saw a kiniesiologist and was recommended to take 10 drops in water at night. I use liquid zinc from pure bio :-)

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