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Not sure what to expect

Hi, I had a left diagnostic thyroid lobectomy on wed after an 8mth history of a growing and changing cyst. My FNA's look mostly benign but my consultant wasn't happy about the growth and changes in the 2mth between fna's.

My TFT's were within normal range but had increased since first test. I am unsure about what to expect now. I get results of histology in 3wk and will have tft's repeated before the apt to see if I need Thyroxine.

I am 4 days post op now and feel completely drained. Physically tired and often feel like I'm having a hypo (I'm diabetic) but blood sugars are ok. This morning I feel dizzy and woozy. Is this all normal?

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Hi Pollyann, i had all of my thyroid removed 8 weeks ago, i wish some one had told me about what to exspect once home.

My husband thought i was histerical, i was as high as a kite on morphine, this seemed to be in my system for a couple of week, i fealt marvelouse, 2 week's later a different story, extreem fatigue, dizzy, sore throat (as if i was starting with a cold) and emotional, this lasted nearly two weeks. by the fith week i was begining to feel normal (what ever that is these days)

8 weeks later, have more energy, pain and swelling in the neck has settled down, it all feals like a dream.

I can not help with drug or blood info, but i do hope the little info i can give will be usefull to you.


Pollyann, it's quite normal to feel drained and woozy for a few days after an operation. It can take a couple of weeks for the anaesthetic to clear your system. Try to drink plenty of fluids to flush your system, eat well and rest and sleep as much as you can.

I hope the histology is clear.


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