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Heart rate and Blood Pressure going up. Should I be concerned?

I have Hashi's and I am on NDT 1-3/4 daily. I feel fine but my resting heart rate has gone from 70 to 90 and my blood pressure was 107/70 and now is 139/82. Should I be concerned? I have had hyper symptoms before with the Hashi's, but it has never raised my heart rate and blood pressure. I don't feel hyperthyroid and I am worried my doctor will want to lower the dosage. Any thoughts?

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Maybe you need to lower your dose to 1 1/2 and see if that lowers the bp and pulse. But, sometimes it takes the body awhile to adjust to a dose raise so if you recently raised your dose, your bp and pulse could come back down after a couple weeks. If not, or you develop any other hyper symptoms, you might want to drop the dose down.


Thanks deme!


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