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Help with private consultation - Bristol and other areas

I have come up against a brick wall with my GP who is governed by blood results over symptoms. I am being treated with Levothryroxine. My energy levels have raised but I continue to have many hypo symptoms (hair loss - also tangly and lank, (ferritin and folate "normal"), feel cold, scalloped tongue, can't lose weight) despite my GP saying my "TSH is normal" and saying "we have come to an end" in terms of thinking of my symptoms being related to hypothyroidism. A previous GP checked for early menopause and this came back ok. Following my insistence, my current GP has agreed to take advice from an endrocrinologist but I do not hold out much hope as she said their response is usually contingent upon what she writes in the referral. I have changed my diet and take supplements. I was thinking of going private and wondered if people could private message me with recommendations from the Thyroid UK list. I live in Bristol and notice Jens Rohrbeck is the local consultant. Has anyone seen this consultant? Otherwise I am willing to travel the country and welcome your comments. Thank you

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I hope you managed to find someone to help you.




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