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Excellent BBC Report on Medical Statistics

This report gives wonderfully clear explanations of common medical statistics we often see but misunderstand. It’s no surprise that the best doctor I ever met (Gordon Skinner) taught medical statistics at Birmingham University and treated the patient not the numbers. He understood the numbers and their limitation.

I’m not going to get into any debate on this subject as I want to enjoy the summer!

See .


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This is also from Dr Lowe who was an Adviser to Thyroiduk. The 'old school' of treating patients have gone by the wayside and it is all down to numbers (TSH).

Dr S was also against medicating according to the blood tests whilst ignoring the clinical symptoms of the patients.

Dr L: -Based on these considerations, I can only recommend one thing: that you consult a doctor who ignores serum and urine T3 and T4 levels during treatment, and who bases his dosage decisions on his patients’ tissue responses to thyroid hormone.


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