I'm not sure this healthy life is all its cracked up to be!!

Since being diagnosed with Hashimotos I have become a health nut. Quite apart from giving up gluten (and reducing my TPO antibodies) I have now stopped all dairy to try and help my RA. I am juicing raw veg and eating more fruit than I ever have in my life. I take a plethora of supplements plus cod liver oil and coconut oil. I eat no processed food and make my own bone broth, I walk between 5 and 7 k's every morning - I feel fine - except that I am on day 4 of tonsillitis and swallowing is horribly painful. I know how I caught this (step forward 2 gorgeous but snotty grand children) and having been exposed I went down with this 5 days later BUT (and here's the really irritating bit) my husband didn't. My husband, who is 3 stone overweight, doesn't supplement anything except hops (!!) loves rubbish food (Fray Bentos is his friend) and doesn't do any exercise

to speak of (we even have a sit-on-mower so that isn't really exercise, is it) is still not looking as though he is swallowing razor blades - where's the justice in that? It's not that I wish him any ill but come on, this just isn't fair. It is the same for my daughter, she also caught this from the boys and she is more of a health nut than me but her husband - nothing. Maybe I need to start eating rubbish - perhaps that's what kills off the germs??

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  • Loobs, clearly you need to give hubster a really long, deep, juicy, passionate kiss. Spread the joy, girl.........LOL! Then when you stop swallowing razor blades, he'll start.

    Except is it worth it? Men are the biggest boohoo babies when they get sick. For all the fantasy inspired potential satisfaction you'll get from giving it to him, you'll be regretting it every minute while the old fart is moaning, groaning and waiting on room service with a little bell that will ring so frequently you'll swear you've developed tinnitus.

    Ach, it's not worth it.

  • Thanks gabkad - the truth is, the old fart is ALWAYS moaning, groaning and waiting on room service - but a bell !!! Posh in your house ain't it - I just get an "oi you" x

  • I do wonder if all this talk of giving up this & that, dairy, gluten, etc, is really that beneficial, because I tried dairy free for a couple of months. I didn`t get any healthier, & soya milk is disusting in tea & coffee, so I was glad to go back to regular dairy products.

  • I know what you mean - I don't use soya milk but actually enjoy Almond Milk especially in my (one cup per day) coffee. My biggest problem is that I long for butter. I only eat rice cakes normally but put loads of butter on 'cos I love the stuff (cow or goat butter) and coconut oil just isn't the same.

    With regard to giving up gluten, I was suffering with such awful stomach pains ( I lose 2 days every time I eat gluten) that giving it up hasn't been hard - I feel so much better. I decided to try giving up dairy because I have rheumatoid arthritis in my knee and was told it would help - after several days I have to say it does seem to have improved but then again, I am taking paracetemol for this flaming tonsillitis so that is possibly why my knee feels better (sigh) so I guess I will just stay of dairy a bit longer - anyone know of a good alternative to butter????

  • I quit butter and depending on time of day and type of food, I use nut butters (I think peanut is not as good) and avocado.

  • Yep I do like nut butters, I have just had hazelnut butter on rice cakes (sigh) and it was nice. The almond one is even nicer. I also just purchased some 'spread' for when I get desperate - bearing in mind I am in France, I read labels very carefully. The stuff I bought, St Hubert Omega 3 is good for cardio health and contains veg oil, water, sea salt, plus bits (beta carotene, aromes. colourant) so I though yipee, that does sound not too full of rubbish. Got it home and just read the bit NOT with the ingredients list on the label: Contains Milk and soya. Back to the drawing board.

  • It can be annoying! Since I've started to change my diet (I'm intolerant mainly to eggs, gluten and dairy) I've realised it takes longer to shop and when you think you've found something that is good, it is often not! I missed yoghurt but I've just found coconut milk yoghurt :) I might try coconut butter next. Rice cakes along with, French fancy cakes, ice cream and croissants are v rarely bought in my house too delicious and can't stop!

  • Wow I never even knew there was coconut butter - do let me know how you get on - do you buy it online??

  • Will do. Yes, it looks like you can get it online (not cheap though). It is also in some health shops in the UK (not helpful for you!) so I think it should be fairly easy to try. There are also some homemade recipes online.

  • I absolutely love butter - always have and I was never into the 'healthier' spreads even when they were pushed as a diet/health food - I always thought they tasted like axle grease (not that I've ever.....). I just need to try going dairy free to see if it helps with my RA - if there is no difference in a couple of weeks, I will be mainlining butter on an hourly basis (seriously, I put it on my rice cakes with a trowel!!). I happen to love the taste of goats butter so would probably go back to having that but I just need to try not having any. I'm certainly not allergic to/intolerant to dairy, just interested to see.

  • Thanks for the info/link - I realised it was good but never knew why. I love real butter but unfortunately it also doesn't agree with me. My family have switched to it though.

  • Butter, esp from grass fed cows - is very healthy. Go for it. It usually doesn't upset your guts like other dairy food if you are sensitive.

  • I will definitely go back to butter if my RA doesn't improve after stopping dairy - as I say, I have never been one to eat any sort of margarine or spread, always full fat butter. I don't think I am sensitive to dairy and love full fat milk too but it is a common belief that rheumatoid arthritis pain and inflammation can be reduced by not eating dairy so I am just trying it to see if not eating or drinking it makes a difference to my knee pain.

  • Soya milk no good for thyroid sufferer's best to take almond if no dairy

  • Seriously try almond milk, coconut milk or brown rice milk. Soya not great for some people. Coconut butter is great.

  • Yep I never do soya 'cos I know that's no good but I would really like to find a substitute for the cream I normally have in my (one a day) cup of coffee??

  • if you only have one cup a day of coffee why deprive yourself ?????

  • Good point - not sure if dairy is like gluten though, in as much as just a tiny bit is bad?? Anyway, currently back on dairy as missing it too much - not having dairy dusn't seem to make a huge difference so I will park that particular experiment for now!!

  • I've recently stumbled upon Sarah Wilson's "I Quit Sugar". She also has Hashimoto's and has practically all but cured it (which I know is impossible :( - I have it, too) by cutting out almost all sugars. Sugar is especially heinous to autoimmune sufferers - even in the form of fruit. thyroid-dr.com/study-shows-...

    Here's her website:


    Read her story! My husband and I are on week one of the program :)

  • I have to say that I don't actually have that much sugar (I find that the Almond milk has a creamy sweetness so I don't add sugar to coffee or cereals) so my only real sugar intake comes from fruit - I have to assume I am not having too much (my juicing tends to be more veggie based) but if I gave up fruit I would be living on fresh air so I will carry on juicing but with even more of a veggie bias x

  • Everything in moderation, you sound like you could also be stressing yourself a bit.

    Stress lowers the immune system, leaving you open to pick up all the bugs going around including the viruses.

  • Of course I'm stressed - I'm married! I do know what you mean though and my husband is definitely not the stressy type - nor is my son-in-law come to think of it. Both my daughter and I are the type who never sit down for more than a minute because there is always something to be done. Maybe yoga would work??

  • Your husband and son-in-law are more laid back about life it appears.

    We women are always on the move, my husband reads non fiction books,mainly

    history3 a week, then says to me can,t understand why you are still on no1book, really, he can't see why.

    Yes yoga is a good thing,I can't do it, because of my back, however, you need to relax within yourself, be more laid back, and healthy.

    Also,perhaps your husband needs to have his cholesterol checked,then he may have to take a more serious look at his health.

    Enjoy the day.

  • Nashnewton are you allowed starchy veg like carrots swede etc? And is any fruit allowed? Ive been on autoimmune protocol for a week and eating loads of fruit and veg. The fruit in shops at the moment is devine. Berries apricots. I rarely eat anything sweet and could understand if sugar was cause as my childhood was just sugar city.

  • Yes, all veg is fine! Fruit is only omitted for a portion of the 8 weeks, to enable you to quit the cravings. Yesterday, I ate some "porridge whip" (one of her recipes which includes coconut milk, carrot, oats, and a TINY amount of honey since I'm in the beginning weeks) for breakfast, an avocado and a poached egg with spinach and toast for lunch, and by the time I got to my husbands small party for his birthday at his mothers house, I could only eat a few things there as I was so full. She says the key to kicking a sugar habit is through filling up on fats. Fats are processes through the liver for energy, sugar (fructose) is immediately stored as fat. Our brains don't recognise fullness on fructose which is why we can consume so much and still feel starving later. She explains it when she says that we can easily drink 500ml of juice, but could you imagine drinking 500ml of full fat yoghurt? You would feel too full! For dinner I had sourdough toast, and omelette with marscapone, and a baked mushroom with thyme. I weighed myself last thing before bed and I was only a 1/2 lb heavier than that morning! Normally I'd be so bloated, I'd have gained about 3-4 lb water weight by the end of the day. I definitely thing my issue is inflammation caused by sugar intake. The thing is, we consume waaayy more fruit than we used to. Fruit still contains fructose. Fruit is still good for you, but you're better off 1-2 servings of fruit a day and the rest of your 5 a day as veg. Did you know the recommended allowance of sugar for women per day is 6g or less?! I was definitely having more than that! I highly recommend the book. If anyone is interested in how I get on, to see if you might like to join in, I'm writing about it in my blog, tinkertailorbakermom.wordpr...

  • Interesting...I used to work with school kids,never got any of their childhood illnesses. Now looking after one year old g.daughter I'e had two chest infections on top of each other. Everything she brings into our house I go down with WHY!!!

  • Now come on grandma - you know why really!! How many hugs and kisses can you give a grandchild in one day - thousands and like me you probably do - these various bugs and things are the price we pay for bliss!!

  • :)

  • You have to remember that sadly your immune system is severely affected by 2 auto immune diseases whereas your husband despite being overweight etc does not have a compromised immune system

    he is probably vulnerable to some other disease later in life

  • Oregano oil by Metabolics helps the immune system. One capsule a day. I am a supply teacher and haven't had a cold all year since taking it. Also check out oiloforegano.co.uk for information on Oregano Oil's anti viral and anti microbial properties!! Marvellous stuff. Do either the capsules or one or two drops of the oil in water -not both. Be careful as the pure oil can slightly burn the skin but just follow the instructions. I have Hashimoto's too.Plus half a thyroid only due to surgery. Remember 70% of teh immune system is in our guts so a good probiotic can help too. I take Optibac's Probiotic for Daily immunity 3-4 times a week.I see a Kiniesologist who has been my help in all this for many years. I also take a good B-Complex 50mg by Solgar in the day and Magnesium 5000mg by FSC at night. If your bowels get loose with the Magnesium then ease off but most of us need more Magnesium. My Kiniesologist has researched the best companies, in terms of purity, for many years. Stay in touch if you want more info ok. Best wishes.

  • There's a lot to be said for rubbish... and far too much said about 'healthy' lifestyle... As far as I am concerned I will treat my Hashimotos with plenty of coffee (as I've always done!) and eat whatever I like. As long as I remember to take my T4/T3 at the right time of day, I feel fine! The only time I supplement with anything is when there are colds going around and I'll dose up with VitC (but even then only the kind that is free from that foul deadly toxin, aspartame). I think you could possibly end up doing more harm than good by suddenly cutting out all sorts of stuff your body has gotten used to... almost a 'cold turkey' effect. Switching to decaf coffee turned me into a bad-tempered monster with raised blood pressure due to the increased stress levels, which disappeared as soon as I returned to my regular dose of caffeine! The only thing I truly do not miss are the 20 fags a day I used to smoke, but stopped 10 years ago.

  • Amen!

  • Has anyone checked out the Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Apparently by cutting out all sugars except mono-saccarides the bacteria clinging to the wall of the gut, causing the inflammatory condition leaky gut, are starved to death thereby effecting healing.

    I love all the fruit and have to say that I have no bloating or dragging feelings of the abdomen after only a couple of days. The 'legal' and 'illegal' food lists can be tailored to suit personal likes/dislikes, etc. and are very clear about what you can eat. You can even drink real coffee!

  • I haven't heard of that but I'm certainly enjoying fruit at last - I have never been one for eating fruit (I was put on a fruit diet for 2 months when I was aged 7 - I had Nephritis - and have barely touched it since) but now I am getting loads through juicing.

  • I have been slowly moving over to a diet which is more paleo or primal and I really believe it is helping me.

    This site is very interesting, and it has an attached forum. It is definitely worth browsing.


    Edit : I should add that some commenters on that site have some oddball ideas, like they do on most websites. You have to be discriminating and check the info with other sources.

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