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Strange TSH reading update and osteoporosis question

Hi all. I wrote last week asking about a strange TSH (tsh 8.07) (T421.8) that my Mum has had for ages now (on and off). Most of you said it seemed there could be some conversion problem so she's not getting t3. We have sought another Endos opinion and there's no surprise he doesn't think it's necessary to test T3. There's been another development though as she had a back xray done last week (due to extreme pain)she had a lumbar vertebrae xray - it's just come back with mild compression fractures of the lumbar vertabrae with exception of l5 consisitent with osteoporosis. This is concrning as only last year she had extensive tests done including bone density and MRIs and had no fractures (apart from an old wedge fracture she knew about). Now this makes me's either something sinister (dont want to even think about it) or the lack of T3 thyroid issues have brought on the bone thinning. Oh and yesterday one of her teeth just broke in two! Any thoughts anyone? We are awaiting an MRI.

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Jcoop, I doubt thyroid issues will be the reason for such rapid bone deterioration and hope the damage can be repaired. If you want to check your mother's T3 status you can order private FT3 blood test from Blue Horizon and Genova via


Hypo can cause osteoporosis.


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