Goitre and nodules

I can feel my goitre, and I can see it alittle, but it is not apparent to the general public, I think,it,is like 1.5 inches? On the bottom of my test sheet the scan guy said maybe (to the Endo) it should maybe be FNA. He said it didn't look like cancer, but you cannot tell just from a scan....can you? Should I ask for a FNA, of course I would like to know for sure if it is or,isn't. I know thyroid cancer is rare and all that, but when it is in your own neck it,changes things up a bit. Also will the NDT shrink that goitre/cyst? One side of my,thyroid is bigger than the other, enlarged ? Since I have been on NDT I do not feel that strangling feeling as bad as I used to. Can anyone with goitre advise me please. Thank you so much in advance. Reet x

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  • Rita, a single nodule would certainly have a slight risk of cancer and require FNA but multinodule goiters are usually benign. Why not ask your endo why he doesn't think FNA is required? Thyroid replacement hormone can shrink goiters so it looks like NDT has shrunk yours if you no longer feel choked.

  • Thanks Clutter, I could only afford one appointment with the Endo, I was so sick I could not even think and it was well before I joined Thyroid UK, so I was uneducated. I will ask allot,of questions if I ever get to see an Endo again. I am meant to have another scan in a couple of months. Thank you and it will be interesting to see if it has shrunk. X x

  • Hi Rita, I have what you have. I was told there was a risk of cancer and surgeon wanted me in within two weeks to take half out. I (very scared) decided to opt for FNA. I am very glad I did. No cancer. I then went hyperthyroid..... offered RI (nuclear option) or block and replace with carbrimazole. Opted for monthly blood tests and alter carb dose as needed. A year later gone from 40mg carb daily to 5mg every other day. Feel well, look after myself better (acupuncture, massage, supplements)..... I hope to come of carb in July so see what happens then... the FNA was fine, just stung a bit but closed eyes and thought it was a lot better than surgery and all that goes with it....x

  • Cheers Tilly appreciate that. Will let you know about my next scan. X x

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