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Does anyone out there have experience of the Thyroid clinic in Harley Street London?Are they better than ordinary endos? I am fed up after

8 years of no satisfaction with 4 local so called 'specialists' and am desperate to feel at least partially well again,I do not want anyone telling me that I am imagining feeling awful so much of the time. Do Harley Street use T3 treatment?

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Yes I went there about 5 years ago. I had a brief consultation, a thyroid scan and then they declared me fit at a daisy. Marvellous...........not.

It felt impersonal and money grabbing. Sorry. Others may have had a better experience.


Which clinic do you mean? I went to an Endo in Harley Street but it was not considered a clinic I think. It was the private practice of a Professor. I can pm you the name if you wish but I would say right now that he does not prescribe T3 or NDT. He was willing to let me stay on T3 as I was already on it but believes absolutely in Levo.


Some good, some not so. less bound by convention and protocol.



I went to see a chap top endo in Harley St with my partner as my partner did not believe I was still feeling so I'll yet my GP said I was normal!!! What a waste of money, bloods fine, thyroid slightly enlarged on correct medicine, basically £250 paid to know nothing and to be told it takes time... Time!!! ... That basically ended my relationship and I now feel I cannot tell anyone about how I feel, I am normal apparently ..


Beware the Harley Street merry go round.

I can recommend a private GP who is good and will be ALOT cheaper than so called Harley Street specialists. You can call up ahead and ask if he will do t3, he does armour for sure. A good competent GP can treat thyroid issues - it's just that there aren't any on the NHS

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Hi BlueDaffodil. Sorry to crash the thread but please can you pm me that private GP'd details. Have my first appt with NHS endo soon but not expecting much. Thanks.


Hi Blue daffodil,would you mind very much to PM me as well with the name of that private doctor GP. I would be very grateful. I am getting desperate to resolve some of my thyroid/adrenal problems treated adequately.thank you


I went to a couple of male endocrinologists in Harley Street. Have been sick for 6 years. Although i have a multi nodular goiter thyroiditis causing hyperthyroidism I was initially told there is nothing wrong with me as for the first 2 years my TSH was 0.6 and considered normal. By year 3 I called the endo in Harley Street and told him my TSH was now 0.2, my heart was jumping around, iI was shaking and my resting pulse was 10 pm. He told me "I saw you a year ago and told you there is nothing wrong with you - well not with your thyroid anyway". 1 month later tsh 0.03 so I saw another in Harley and was put on PTU but on 2nd visit was rudely told thyroid doesn't give me the symptoms I was complaining of. I was so ill that my friend I was with argued with him as I couldn't even concentrate.

I saw endo's locally and in Harley Street (all men) all obnoxious and useless. I have just found a female endo (not in UK now) and what a difference. Try to find a female endo. I found that women have a different approach and are interested in finding out the cause of odd symptoms. I have now been on PTU for 3 years and sick of 6 years. This new endo thinks the problem is coming from something else that is affecting the thyroid and is running tests now. Hopefully get some answers soon.


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