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been having horrendous headaches for a while now and they have not eased with paracetamol and ibuprofen, over the last few days they have got worse my eyes feel like they are going to pop out, theres a severe thudding top of head, i feel sick and anxious

drs today at 10.10 to see if furosemide is causing it

im smoking like a trooper (i always do when in severe pain)

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I am sorry you're suffering Mandy and hope the GP can resolve it somehow.


thankyou shaws

i was given maxalt meat 10mg and go back tuesday

blood pressure fine eyes checked with light

no vomiting just feeling really sick and drained

asked family history headaches/migraines

mum was on steroids for pressure at back of eyes so not sure if related or not


perhaps you should have blood/sugar done. hypoglycemia?


went back to dr today as the meds didnt touch the pain

he checked behind my eyes for pressure and has suggested optician as mum had pressure behind her eyes

hes given me zapain and meloxicam

allso added more tests for blood test next week


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