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Do Hypo meds work?

Hi. New to site and just reading through posts. Can't help get the feeling that majority of posts are saying that meds don't seem to cure symptoms.

Currently Awaiting results of blood tests. Suspected hypo with symptoms of: inability to lose weight even with radical no carb diet (SO frustrating), brain fog, fatigue, general day to day struggle.

Please tell me there are success stories with meds?

Yours hopefully . .

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All I can say is that they work for me (I take levothyroxine only). The thing to remember is that 'normal' on blood tests is a range. Your blood tests may show that your levels of TSH and free T4 are within 'normal' but if you are still feeling less than at your best it may be that you need to be nearer the top end of the free T4 range (in fact some thryoid experts seem to recommend this), with TSH at a very low level. Be guided by how you feel, rather than what the numbers tell you. Also be aware that it can take months to find the right dosage and it's unlikely to stay at the same level throughout the rest of your life.

I think that the reason most people don't think the thyroid meds work for them is that they're not taking the right amount. I am very lucky to have an excellent GP, who is not an endocrine specialist, who listens to me and doesn't just go by the numbers. However, she did say that she'd have to review my psychiatric medication if I tried for a free T4 of 28... :)


Many people come to this forum to seek advice when they are not feeling quite right and are wanting to learn - hence you read posts that may suggest T4 is not working for them. With a little bit of tweaking here and there and taking the correct vitamins and minerals can really make a difference.

Many many people do well on T4 only - or it could be everything is relative. Having been so poorly before diagnosis - the improvement is enough when taking T4. For others it is not and they seek optimal health.

Don't forget to ask for copies of your results and then you can monitor your own health. Post them here and many people will be able to help....


I am self medicating with NDT and it's worked like a dream! I am totally back to normal. But actually getting the meds was the hardest part for me - 4 GPs & an NHS endo refused to treat me at all, despite me being so unwell I had 4 months off work sick. So that might be a challenge for you too, but if you get the right level of meds then yes, I believe they work.

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Many do well on levothyroxine (although I bet many more are still unwell but aren't aware that they may be sensitive to fillers/binders or don't have an internet connection to get information).

In the guidelines to GPs/doctors, levothyroxine is the only one to be prescribed as the belief is that it provides the replacements we require.

Unfortunately, for most of us on this site we have had problems and have remained very unwell until we discovered that there are alternatives which unfortunately GPs are not permitted to prescribe.

I wish you every success and the aim is to feel back to normal health when you reach the optimum dose for you. Some GPs believe that if the TSH is within 'normal range' that the job is done and no more meds are required. They are also unaware of the clinical symptoms and sometimes provide other meds for the 'symptom' other than an increase in thyroid gland hormones. Vitamins/minerals also help to convert levo into T3 (liothyronine) the Active hormone every one of our cells require.


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