How do you all get Dr to up dosage when you are within range?

I'm hypo (was diagnosed Feb 2013) not autoimmune version. TSH was then 5.5. It dropped to 3 in June 2013, then raised to 5.7. My levo was increased from 50mg to 75mg. TSH is now around the 3 mark and I am so tired still and putting on weight but my Dr won't increase meds as my TSH is within range.

I can see that lots of people only feel better when TSH is around 1 but how on earth do you all get your doctors to give you more meds?!

Failing that am I safe to just buy more levo online and increase it myself?

It shouldn't be so difficult.

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  • Well, I was on B&R and at one point I became underactive so I knew whereabouts I felt well - when my TSH was below 1! First time I needed an increase I was given something to stop the palps but I had a visit to my endo coming up so I took the pills long enough to stop the palps and the endo raised my thyroxine, next time it happened I was able to say to my doctor who was worried about me becoming hyper again that "Yes, I know I am within the range but the range is so enormous and I don't feel as if I am at my optimal level and I know that with a bit more levo I will feel better" I was polite but sort of firm and stood my ground and she raised me enough to help. I was on 75/100 when my B&R stopped.

    Sounds like you know where you need to be to feel good too so try that and see how you get on. Good luck :-)

  • Thank you that's really helpful. I'm going to increase myself slowly and see how it goes x

  • I increased it myself using prescription levo and ordered more when I needed it. As long as I was well there was never any objection - from my regular GP but it was necessary to avoid others in the practice. They can't refuse you a prescription if you need it.

  • Thank you that's really helpful. I'm going to increase myself slowly and see how it goes x

  • I also just increased it myself, and just ordered more when low, when I saw my doctor and he queried it, I told him I just felt better with more, he was fine with it, probably because he doesn't know that much about thyroid, so is happy if I am happy! :)

    as Aurealis says, they can't really refuse, they can't leave you without any.

  • Thank you that's really helpful. I'm going to increase myself slowly and see how it goes x

  • In order to feel well your TSH should be below 1 and your free t4 and free T3 should be in the UPPER quadrant of their ranges

    GPs need to learn to treat on symptoms not on stupid tsh test

  • I kept going back to mine saying I felt unwell, then I paid for a full blood count and my bloods showed up all sorts of deficiencies so mine sent me to an endo and she ordered dr to raise meds (and add T3).

    I'd keep going back to doctor saying you are not well and if you can, find some medical jargon that states patient will feel better when TSH levels are below 1. He might go for that??

  • I would ask for an extra prescription to cover holiday and then take an extra 25mcgm for a month and see how you feel. If things improve go back to doc and tell them they should treat symptoms not numbers, good luck

  • I complained about lack of sex drive and that got taken more seriously than all my other hypo symptoms and was permitted 25mcg more a week!

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